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Bulletin Board for Naval Air Station: Bermuda

06 Jul Saw Al Zappy's name on this board-Terrell May (J.Terrell May)
Would love to get in touch with Al Zappy and any others stationed at NAS from 1972-74...regards, J.Terrell May, Columbia SC,
29 May OPS Boathouse (Richard Crisci)
Mar 1961 - Jul 1964 In between the space recoveries, Cuban crisis, fire & rescue support for VP 45 & VP 49, hurricanes, it was one hell of a party especially at Horseshoe Bay. At that time a case of coke = $2.00, Barcardi 40oz = $.80, Memories of nursing the road rash from my Triumph motorcycle, ... More
12 May Cris Toaso (Jerry Barnhardt)
I left the fire dept in 1972 as the fire Capt on A shift. Were you military or civilian?
12 May Hello (Jerry Barnhardt)
My name is Jerry Barnhardt and I was also stationed in the Fire Dept as a civilian and remember your name. Remember the house fire in St Davids.
09 Apr Naval Air Station Fire Dept (Jerry Barnhardt)
Was a civilian firefighter for both US Airforce and Navy. AF military firefighter from 1962 to 1964 and Navy Firefighter from 1966 to 1972. Last position was Fire Captain on A shift.
01 Mar looking for friends (Mark Shipley)
I was a seabee stationed at the anex in 89. I lived in the barracks down by the water. I met a girl there, last name of Drew. I cant remember her first name. Do you remember. I had a great time there meeting new people and hanging out at the little e.m. club
13 Feb Me too (Mike Bodrogi)
Hey there...i left BDA in 1987, but i too was stationed at the transmitter site as a radioman. Man it was SO cold in that place. You don't remember a girl named Jennifer Johnson do you? Cheers, Mike Bodrogi mbodrogi@aspenres.com
07 Jan Michael (GySgt) Lane (Michael Lane)
Marine Barracks - 349 1982 - 1984 yez the glory yearz....remember when former President Ford paid US a visit. DreamzandExcursionz.WorldVentures.biz Jpter64@yahoo.com... 407-227-5116
18 Nov Any AK's between 1988 to 1991? Supply Dept? (George Acevedo)
Just wishing to see if any of my comrades in supply are out there who served at NAS 1988-1991... ahhhh just in case anybody thinks they remember me, my nickname was Ace, and I coached the basketball team to the base championship in 91, and I also used to umpire softball with Ronnie Burchall!
15 Jul Hey Chris .. (Roland Menendez)
how ya been man? Wow .. long time. Too bad there's no reunions !! I'm a cop on Long Island .. go figure huh lol

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