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Bulletin Board for Master Jet Air Base: Cecil Field, Fla.

06 Oct Personnel (James Alexander)
Did you know Joe Spatafora who was the base photografer at that time? I am James David Alexander and I worked in the Personnel Office from 1958 to 1950.
29 Aug VF-131 (Ed Powers)
I was with VF-131 during the Cuban crisis. I was with VF-131 as a AE. I remember it well.
19 Apr POW/MIA Vietnam War (C Chandler)
For 5 years during Vietnam War I wore the POW/MIA bracelet of LCDR Lee Cole missing 6/30/67. I have kept the bracelet. Saw it this morning and looked online for LCDR Lee Cole. I am sad to find that he was never found, but so pleased to see the memorial from Cecil Field Master Jet Base. Of... More
13 May Base Personnel Office (Ronald Bereman)
Stationed at Cecil in GMTO 1963-64. Bereman, PN2,I was an SA,SN and made PN3 at Cecil.
06 Jun Base Personnel Office ( )
Stationed there from Jan 66 through Dec 69 at Base Personnel. Lt. Frailey and Bacancus, PNCM Tom Fox, PN1 Lou Hurtzell, and so many friends from that era. Wayne "Bart" Bartlett, PN1
13 Sep Photo Lab (Edward Fahlbush)
Was stationed at NAS Cecil Field from Oct. 1959 until Oct. 1961. Then was transfered to the USS Antietam at Pensacola, Fla. traing Carrier for new Navt Pilots.
I was inVA-12 from 67 to 69 as an AME3/2 left just befoe the wes pac AFCM LONG RETIRED
07 Oct ADAN (Billy Braswell)
i was in cecil field 1956 to 3 febury 1959 fasron 9
04 Oct Cecil Field, FL (Herman Rogers)
I was in VA-172 based at Cecil Field 1958 to Aug 1960 and deployed on CVA-42; in VF-162 from 1960 to 1962 and deployed on CVA-11. Then assigned to AIMD from 1962 to 1964. Herman Rogers
28 Sep Hey Merck (Leonard Schoonover)
Just started to dig up old ghost a couple of monthes ago myself. I spent 1981-84 at OMD, ran the "T" line, and helped retire the last carrier qualed C1A at Cecil. Rather good or bad it's all history now, sure we were both proud to be a small part of it all. See ya MECH, ADC retired Schoonie.

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