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Bulletin Board for Master Jet Air Base: Cecil Field, Fla.

29 Aug VF-131 (Ed Powers)
I was with VF-131 during the Cuban crisis. I was with VF-131 as a AE. I remember it well.
02 Mar Aaron Ford (Bruce Wyckoff)
Looking for Aaron Ford and Vernon Gray, AIMD from 87- 90
18 Aug I was a VASTard (Robert Parsons)
Left in '92 I was an ATAN. Left to go to A school to convert to AME
19 Apr POW/MIA Vietnam War (C Chandler)
For 5 years during Vietnam War I wore the POW/MIA bracelet of LCDR Lee Cole missing 6/30/67. I have kept the bracelet. Saw it this morning and looked online for LCDR Lee Cole. I am sad to find that he was never found, but so pleased to see the memorial from Cecil Field Master Jet Base. Of... More
13 May Base Personnel Office (Ronald Bereman)
Stationed at Cecil in GMTO 1963-64. Bereman, PN2,I was an SA,SN and made PN3 at Cecil.
18 Jun Wondering what happened to PettyOffice Kelley (Michael Wilson)
I believe she was an AT1 or maybe AT2 she was a USNR and transfered to VR at JAX around 1980. michael.wilson3@navy.mil
06 Jun Base Personnel Office ( )
Stationed there from Jan 66 through Dec 69 at Base Personnel. Lt. Frailey and Bacancus, PNCM Tom Fox, PN1 Lou Hurtzell, and so many friends from that era. Wayne "Bart" Bartlett, PN1
12 May FLIR Shop (Glen Stockham)
Hey, I think the 2nd class' name is Mark. The FLIR shop was in the GSE Pool building out on the flight line. I work in the pool for about a year. Mark was a trip, keep me in stitches for hours, could of been a comedian. He was from Dayton, Oh if I'm not mistaken. The good ole days I tell ya
29 Apr I worked days in PC from 78-81. (Edward Hacker)
Julie, I do recognize the name, but I can't picture you. I'm sure we knew each other. I was an AZ2 running the day shift.
29 Apr Cecil 78-81 (Edward Hacker)
I worked PC from 78-81. Was one of the supervisors. Cecil was a great station.

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