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Bulletin Board for HC-16 : Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 16

15 Feb late message (Frank Smith)
Willy and Troy were in Willy's Cougar and Duke(Ray Vogel) in my Challenger. Found out that trip i got a hell of a shaking in the front end at 135 mph. Had a great time though
08 Apr Looking for patch ( )
My father in law Richard Deason pass away on March 10 2014. He severed 21 years in the Navy and belonged to HC-16. I want to add HC-16 patch into his display case for his wife Betty. If anyone can point me to where I can get this patch please contact me at hopalong518@live.com. We plan to present... More
02 Sep CPO Jimmy Watson (Mark Watson)
Hey all, just to let you all know that my dad passed away Aug23, 2013. He was buried in his uniform with military honors. My daughter who is in the Navy and assigned to the Bonhomme Richard presented the national colors to my mother. Masonic honors were also observed. Mark Watson Sgt USMC, Capt.... More
28 Jan You are Welcome (Robert Willy Wilson)
Wow that was a couple years ago or more that I sent you a scan of the patch. Glad it was put to goo use.
12 Mar HC-16 Squadron Patch (Todd Kennedy)
I would like to get a copy of that patch if it's the Bullfrog with the red and white life ring. {former} AE3 Kennedy
03 Dec Those guys (Donald Wilbert)
I remember those guys.....thye were not the typical CPO's. As I would like to say....they went to thet church you all know.....the church of Whats happening now.....LOL
18 Nov HC-16 Squadron Patch (Donald Wilbert)
Fisrt I must apologize because I forgot who sent me a color picture of the HC-16 patch but that was the start of something awesome. Since I was in SARDET we never had a patch...just a memory. For my 60th Birthday my daughter in law & son presented me a Squadron patch that was made from the color... More
18 Nov long time (Donald Wilbert)
I served with Jack 1972-1973 when we had the Kaman UH-2C's. Those were fun crazy days when i look back on them. The parties after getting the birds ready......they were....lets just say....memorable....LOL
13 Sep Hey Chuck (Richard Deason)
Have you heard from any of the old crew.? Have a great day everyone
07 Sep Heh, Ritchie D. (Kurt Hellstrom)
Bullington. He was one of the coolest CPO's in the whole show. Got reunited with him and CPO Brazell at HT-8, Whiting Fld. They gave me some 'props' prior to going to HT-8. The div. officer, Lt Steve Martin(no joke) says, "Well Hellstrom, word has it that you're an ace mech." Said in kind of a sly... More

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