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Bulletin Board for HC-2 : Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 2

01 Sep USS Intrepid Det 11 1967 (Thomas Smith)
Hey Bob we we crewmen together on that cruise. Tom Smith
04 Aug USS Intrepid Det 11 1967 (Robert Sitarzewski)
Looking for any crew members from this cruise. Let me hear from you. I was the AK in the det and an AC.
10 Jul Hello (Donald Hatfield)
Jim Has been so long, How have you been. email me at drhatfield1@aol.com Don Hatfield
27 May Casey Benham-HC-2, 69-72 (Casey Benham)
Lakehurst Air Base, JFK Med cruise (69), the Air Ship Bar & the Jersey Shore. Had some great times with some great people.
14 Mar ADJ-3 & 2 (Grant Trouton)
I short cruised for 6 months on the USS JFK in 1971 and did the 1972 Med cruise that lasted for 11 months, ending with 10 days on the NATO excercise above the artic circle. I worked the night shift, Ted Thompson was my 1st class ADJ supervisor and Skip Barthold (metal smith) and I did all the... More
01 Mar In HC-2 1966 to 1969 (Jim Hann)
Made med cruise on America in 67 and wes pac cruise on America 68.
19 Jan JAX to Boston RT (Barry Waluda)
I flew with J. Dunphy from JAX to Boston on a 2 day RT Mustang flight. We also spent time by clear water.
06 Jan Hoping to hear from Det 66 members from 72-73 (ed herdt)
I still have pictures but forget some of the names. This is meatal smith Ed Herdt. hope to hear from some of you guys. Thanks
05 Jan I remember "Nic" (ed herdt)
I served with your dad at Lakehurst & aboard USS America. I too have the cruise patch from Det 66 72 west pac. The M-60 is for the machine guns an over excited pilot had to have but were never used in combat. The #13 on the front of the bird was to remember the loss of it, but all of the crew made... More
27 Nov HC-2, 1971 CVA-42 Roosie, Med Deployment (Roger Goodwin)
Anyone know the where abouts of Terry Gibson, LT. Pilot at time. If so please provide info. Roger (Rotten Rog) Goodwin, roger_goodwin@hotmail.com. I was aircraft tech rep at time.

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