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Bulletin Board for HC-2 : Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 2

10 Jul Hello (Donald Hatfield)
Jim Has been so long, How have you been. email me at drhatfield1@aol.com Don Hatfield
27 May Casey Benham-HC-2, 69-72 (Casey Benham)
Lakehurst Air Base, JFK Med cruise (69), the Air Ship Bar & the Jersey Shore. Had some great times with some great people.
14 Mar ADJ-3 & 2 (Grant Trouton)
I short cruised for 6 months on the USS JFK in 1971 and did the 1972 Med cruise that lasted for 11 months, ending with 10 days on the NATO excercise above the artic circle. I worked the night shift, Ted Thompson was my 1st class ADJ supervisor and Skip Barthold (metal smith) and I did all the... More
01 Mar In HC-2 1966 to 1969 (Jim Hann)
Made med cruise on America in 67 and wes pac cruise on America 68.
19 Jan JAX to Boston RT (Barry Waluda)
I flew with J. Dunphy from JAX to Boston on a 2 day RT Mustang flight. We also spent time by clear water.
06 Jan Hoping to hear from Det 66 members from 72-73 (ed herdt)
I still have pictures but forget some of the names. This is meatal smith Ed Herdt. hope to hear from some of you guys. Thanks
05 Jan I remember "Nic" (ed herdt)
I served with your dad at Lakehurst & aboard USS America. I too have the cruise patch from Det 66 72 west pac. The M-60 is for the machine guns an over excited pilot had to have but were never used in combat. The #13 on the front of the bird was to remember the loss of it, but all of the crew made... More
27 Nov HC-2, 1971 CVA-42 Roosie, Med Deployment (Roger Goodwin)
Anyone know the where abouts of Terry Gibson, LT. Pilot at time. If so please provide info. Roger (Rotten Rog) Goodwin, roger_goodwin@hotmail.com. I was aircraft tech rep at time.
16 Sep lakehurst (Milissa Nicholls)
we were stationed at Lakehurst...with HC2 at about the time but I just found this website my dad Thomas R Nicholls passed last night
16 Sep Thomas R Nicholls (Milissa Nicholls)
My dad passesd away last night he loved HC-2 in Lakehurst NJ his helicopter crashed its number was 13 his flight jacket has a patch that says white ghost of the Vietnam coast..he survived that and another what he called a rollover...and brain cancer took him last night...he was a great man and... More

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