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Bulletin Board for HC-2 : Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 2

21 Oct HC-2 (Eugene Clement)
I was an ADJ when I was in HC to the 1972 to 1974
21 Oct HC-2 (Eugene Clement)
I've been looking for Charlie Ott who was in HC-2 in 1972 to 1974 would appreciate any help.
20 Oct Hello, I'm new here.. (jenna jacoby)
I was but a lowly, pregnant airman when I served my last year in the Navy at HC-2. In total, I had only two years active duty and six on inactive reserve. I began my short military experience in 1992 at RTC Orlando where I met my (first) husband in company I107. After boot camp, sent to HSL-30 at... More
22 Aug one to remember (Robert Touchett)
I was to get out in nov but sent me over to relieve you and some others getting out. Ran around with billiy schultz and bill lyon his girl friend was peggy and the other nurses david plum was with the group for awhile bob touchett
27 May MY FATHER IN LAW WAS THERE FROM 1965-1969 (James Kippenhan)
My Father in law, PRC Lee Gold (he was probably a PR2 in those days) was there with you guys
24 Feb 40+ years ago (Robert Parker)
I'd forgotten about old Chief Hensley. He's probably long gone by now.I flew out of Izmir,Turkey in aug. I was due to get out in sept.Didn't make the full cruise.But it was a good time for 8 months that i did make.Got to bring the family on board the JFK when she came to Boston a few years ago.what... More
06 Jan Jud French, ADR1 (Justin French)
I was in HU-2 at Lakehurst 61-63.
31 Oct Bill Lyon ADJ3 (Bill Lyon)
Old buddies, get in touch!
31 Oct Bill Lyon ADJ3 (Bill Lyon)
Hello, I was there too!
21 Aug Hu-2/ HC-2 1962-1966 (Dave Bradley)
We are looking for guys we served with at Lakehurst. Dave "Boats" Bradley, Hank Sira and Ross Teeple. (I'm speaking for the two dummies that don't have email) My email is boats309@gmail.com. Give me a shout we would like to hear from you. Thanks

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