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Bulletin Board for HC-2 : Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 2

04 Jan Gene clement (Eugene Clement)
I was there during the blue Angel crash I remember how they closed the hanger down and put every piece of the crashed aircraft together laying on the deck of the hanger. I remember them saying that there was an unusual Mark on the afterburner selector and they thought it was probably sabotage... More
04 Jan Gene clement (Eugene Clement)
We're you there when the BA crashed. We sold sandwiches at lunch in the hanger.
04 Jan Gene clement (Eugene Clement)
I was in HC-2 from 72 to 74 thanks for the tip
04 Jan Hc-2 brother (Eugene Clement)
Hey Bob this is Gene give me a call when you get a chance 860-798-3663 I've been looking for you for a long time. ????
16 Dec CWO4 Frederic P. Pokrant, USN (Retired) (Frederic Pokrant)
I was there when the BA crashed. Was a terrible tragedy.
16 Dec CWO4 Frederic P. Pokrant, USN (Retired) (Frederic Pokrant)
I served with Charlie in HC-2. I was the Command Career Counselor (NC-1). Also served with Ralph Hood, Keith McCurdy, Alfredo Rodillas. I don't know where he is today. Last know location for Hood is Florida, McCurdy unknown, and Rodillas, North Carolina. I am in Bandera, Texas.
03 Dec BLUE ANGELS (Bob Pierce)
I was also in Lakehurst when BA crashed in their F 4 in1973
03 Dec HC2 DET 42 (Bob Pierce)
hey gene this is bob pierce wasn't your wife from peru heres my e mail add bigbob1953rp@gmail.com
02 Dec F.A.R.T.S. Fleet Angel Rapid Transit Service (Dirk Wheeler)
hey jay do you still have artistic talent and a practical joker.........like ex-lax in coffe aboard uss roosevelt....still laughing at that cone.
02 Dec HC 2 Det 42 (Bob Pierce)
Looking for friends on Med Cruises73-75. Gene Clement Joe Flurry Jay Chastenay

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