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Bulletin Board for VA-94/VF-94/VFA-94 : Attack Squadron 94

27 Mar Chief Medley (Tony Gomez)
Does anyone know what ever happen to him? The last time I saw him was I believe in Japan. He was station there in 76. It was my second cruise on the Coral Sea.
13 Jan Plane Captain VA-94 68-70 (David Pederson)
Kieth I do not know if you remember me Dave (PUD) Pederson I was a plane captain with Ronald(snoopy) Curtis,T Armstrong, Bob (weed) Weldman. Let me know would love to talk old times and possibly get hold of some of the others. 651-248-2609
28 Dec Snoopy (David Pederson)
Remember me Dave Pederson PUD I was a plane captain with you 1969-1970 left for the states with a knee injury. I was a founding member of the GAF club. Need to find info on a sexual assualt that happened to me while at NAS Lemoore can you help? Its tormented me my whole life. I remember weed to.... More
28 Dec sexual assualt (David Pederson)
In 1969 or 1970 while stationed at NAS Lemoore, Cailf. I was sexually assualted the person who did the act was not in our unit but in our barracks. A red haired seaman in our squadron turned him in. I went infront of a board of officers and he was either discharged or moved the next day. I have... More
10 Sep Gary Glyten (William Rodriguez)
I am looking to connect with Gary from the 79 West Pac. If anyone knows him, please ask him to contact me through the site or Facebook.
07 Sep '70's VA-94 Vets (Marc Remhof)
Doug Vaughn and Chuck Z....great to see your familiar names. A bunch of us early '70's/Coral Sea vets have been in contact with each other lately. Drop me and e-mail and join in. remhof@q.com
02 Sep hello (Douglas Vaughn)
hey chuck how ya been... i only made the one cruise in 73.... i was stationed in olongapo the first 4 months of the cruise....on the wonderfull "crud crew".....good to see a familar name.....peaceout,doug
29 Jul Chief Medley (Tim Turner)
Senior Chief Medley? You bet I do. I worked Mat?l Cont (76-79, AKAN-AK2) and got to listen to his sea stories for almost two years, and he only repeated himself ONCE. Master Storyteller, all round good guy.
10 Jun Give a call (Marc Remhof)
Chuck, give me a call or drop me an e-mail. 651-457-1554, remhof@q.com. Would have been great to see you last weekend on the Midway.
10 Jun Mighty Shrikes of the 70's (Marc Remhof)
We had a great time getting together on the USS Midway June 4th. Lots of memories and great stories. Looking for more squadron mates...remhof@q.com 651-457-1554

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