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Bulletin Board for VA-94/VF-94/VFA-94 : Attack Squadron 94

08 May Hightower (Richard Silva)
After we received the battle E and meritorious unit awards he left the squadron to LSD Doyle. Doyle died not too long ago. On Doyle?s obituary it said he flew without any incidents during his carrier. Doyle lost an A-7 off the starboard side of the ship the next World cruise. That cruise The Big E... More
27 Mar Chief Medley (Tony Gomez)
Does anyone know what ever happen to him? The last time I saw him was I believe in Japan. He was station there in 76. It was my second cruise on the Coral Sea.
13 Jan Plane Captain VA-94 68-70 (David Pederson)
Kieth I do not know if you remember me Dave (PUD) Pederson I was a plane captain with Ronald(snoopy) Curtis,T Armstrong, Bob (weed) Weldman. Let me know would love to talk old times and possibly get hold of some of the others. 651-248-2609
28 Dec Snoopy (David Pederson)
Remember me Dave Pederson PUD I was a plane captain with you 1969-1970 left for the states with a knee injury. I was a founding member of the GAF club. Need to find info on a sexual assualt that happened to me while at NAS Lemoore can you help? Its tormented me my whole life. I remember weed to.... More
28 Dec sexual assualt (David Pederson)
In 1969 or 1970 while stationed at NAS Lemoore, Cailf. I was sexually assualted the person who did the act was not in our unit but in our barracks. A red haired seaman in our squadron turned him in. I went infront of a board of officers and he was either discharged or moved the next day. I have... More
10 Sep Gary Glyten (William Rodriguez)
I am looking to connect with Gary from the 79 West Pac. If anyone knows him, please ask him to contact me through the site or Facebook.
07 Sep '70's VA-94 Vets (Marc Remhof)
Doug Vaughn and Chuck Z....great to see your familiar names. A bunch of us early '70's/Coral Sea vets have been in contact with each other lately. Drop me and e-mail and join in. remhof@q.com
02 Sep hello (Douglas Vaughn)
hey chuck how ya been... i only made the one cruise in 73.... i was stationed in olongapo the first 4 months of the cruise....on the wonderfull "crud crew".....good to see a familar name.....peaceout,doug
29 Jul Chief Medley (Tim Turner)
Senior Chief Medley? You bet I do. I worked Mat?l Cont (76-79, AKAN-AK2) and got to listen to his sea stories for almost two years, and he only repeated himself ONCE. Master Storyteller, all round good guy.
10 Jun Give a call (Marc Remhof)
Chuck, give me a call or drop me an e-mail. 651-457-1554, remhof@q.com. Would have been great to see you last weekend on the Midway.

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