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Bulletin Board for USS Pinto - ATF 90

21 Oct Chief Bos'n Thomas J. Delaney (William Delaney)
My name is Bill Delaney and my father served aboard the Pinto during WWII. Can't tell if these messages are current or quite old. My dad never mentioned the things which Mr. Whannel told us about, so it was an eye opener for me. He was lost at sea in 1949. Had no idea that the Pinto was at... More
17 Oct My Dad was Sam Bramy (Ida Belle Bramy)
My Dad talked about your father-in-law quite a bit. He passed away last year at the age of 90 -- and my Mom and I just came upon this site. She will be 90 next year. Does Mr. Whannel remember Sam Bramy??
01 Jan To the crew of the USS Pinto (John Dickey)
My father is John B. Dickey, he was a signalman 1st class on the Pinto from 1943 to 1945 and would love to hear from his shipmates when you have time. He also regrets not having a chance to thank Lt. Ralph Brown for getting everyone home safely and telling him what a privilege it was to serve with... More
08 Nov USS Pinto (Lisa Whannel)
Hi, Did you hear from Leroy Whannel? He is my father-in-law. Over the course of the last few years, he talks a lot about his service in the Navy onboard the USS Pinto. He was the chief storekeeper. He's 95 years old, and in great shape! I can encourage him to respond to you, or your mom. ... More
25 Jul Shipmate (Judyth Ballard)
Just read the article regarding your service. Don't know why I have taken so many years to do this. My father, Shelby Neely, was a storekeeper on the USS Pinto. Would love to hear from you if you remember him. My father died in 1977, but my mother Frances will be 90 on August 19 and is still a... More
31 Jan To Sam Bramy (Leroy Whannel)
Sam Bramy and I were shipmates on the USS PINTO. My name is Leroy Whannel and I was Chief Storekeeper. If you get this mesage please contact me at leroy whannel@yahoo.com I would like to hear from Sam or Samra Keller.
18 Dec Sam Bramy (Sam Bramy)
To the Crewman of the USS Pinto, my name is Samra Keller and I am the daughter of Sam Bramy who was Chief Yeoman on the USS Pinto. I know he has wondered over the years what life everyone might have had and I can tell you he has never forgotten his time on the USS Pinto as he always speaks with... More
19 Sep To Friends from the Pinto (Donald Flynn)
TO CREWMEN OF THE PINTO, My nane is Chuck Flynn and my Dad is Don Flynn. He served with you through WWII onboard the USS PINTO. In the last year I collected his medals and gave them to him 60years to late.I thank all of you for the time and service you gave for all of us and hope you will... More
18 Nov Natl Assn of Fleet Tug Sailors, www.NAFTS.com
NAFTS is a Navy veterans non-profit group with over 1300 members nationwide, annual reunions and TOWLINE Magazine. 3 PINTO shipmates belong to NAFTS. For details and updates,visit www.NAFTS.com

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