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Bulletin Board for USS Orion - AS 18

16 Feb plastic pieces (Bill Gatherwright)
orion razor blades,rusty razor blades. I,m still working in steam plant generation . 2600 psi and 1005. Just a little bit hotter. I,m MM2 gatherwright 88 to 90.
26 Jan Marcos, Jose....I did reply (Richard Bergeron Jr)
I've heard from Jose, and that's about it. I ran into Mike Nichols here in CT when I got back, worked for him teaching RM-A at Sub School. It was something being the only surface type there, but someone had to teach them how to communicate.
24 Jan Ex-IC Shop Member (from below the mess decks) (Paul Hutchison)
I was in the IC Shop from 87-89. Looking for any old shipmates who remembers me. Bo-Dean, Bradley, Butler, Rooney, Davis, GlenDale, Cox, Sig, "Slim", wow...the list goes on. Any of you out there?...Hutch
23 Jan Marcos Giraud! (Jose Bobea)
¿Qué pasó, tipo?! Didn't see your msg! I wrote to OT and Bergeron but got no answer either. I have comms with Brannon but that's about it. I'm living in Levittown PR. My phone # is 787-647-4387, personal e-mail jlbobeas@hotmail.com. Nice to hear from you! Talk to you soon!
04 Jan What up Bobea!!!! (Marcos Giraud)
Saludos from Marcos..i wrote you befire i never got a respond from you i will try one more time.my personal email giraudm@hotmail.com or 787 550-3313. send me a note or give me a call currently living in Florida...see you..
12 Oct reply to pics (adam brock)
Kirby, I was in the MIRCS lab same time as you. can you send me a copy of the pic? Adam adam_dean@yahoo.com
03 Oct Still looking for Bucky Jones and others (Robert Richter)
Wayne McQueen,Byron Kirtland, and any of the others from the big O 1977 - 1981. 1st and second Div
28 Sep a gang shipmates (Ronald Walls)
calvin,i was in boat shop from 82-84.i stay in touch with rick myrick and scott gladden.i also have an address for paul deter.you can e-mail at warrior_632003@yahoo.com
01 Sep photos (Ron Roussain)
Hi, my name is Ron Roussain, I served on the Orion from '81-82,as a storekeeper on board and then in the T-SHED. Are you the one who claimed to have photos of the Orion at the shipyards? If so I would be interested in them also, if it wouldn't be to big of a hassel. Thanks. My e-mail is... More
14 Aug Hey Dave Metcalfe (William Hursong)
Dave its Bill Hursong, Hows every thing with you? Emaile me at wwhcah@yahoo.com

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