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Bulletin Board for USS Gen Maurice Rose - AP 126

12 Nov 62 yr. old woodworker and yachtwright (Michael Jaramillo)
I was a nine yr. old boy when I voyaged from Brooklyn to Bremerhaven in the fall of 1957 with my father, C.W.O. "Jerry" Jaramillo, my Mom, Edna, and younger brother, Rick and sister, Jacqueline. It's a priviledge to sign on this day, Veterans Day, 2010. We spent the next 4 yrs in Pirmasens,... More
22 Nov Atlantic Crossing in Fall 1959 (Walter Barfield)
I was given a scullery crew; our duty hours was 24 on and 24 off. Since I could go to the chow hall at any time, I ate my way across. This helped me to master the seasickness that plagued so many. We left Brooklyn for England, then on to Bremerhaven. The trip was probably a normal trip; I don't... More
23 Jun Who the ship was named for -- (Paul Schaum)
We sometimes forget that ships are often named for good men -- http://www.3ad.org/wwii_heroes/rose_maurice/rose_maurice_home.htm
23 Jun Early MAR But Still Winter on the N. Atlantic (Paul Schaum)
Wayne, that must have been the early March crossing to Bremerhaven. I try to explain to my sons and others how high the waves were and how small the ship seemed when you were down in a trough (like looking up at tall buildings). There is an old WWII movie about convoys that has about 10 seconds... More
17 Apr Picture (Gary Andrews)
There are a lot of Pictures of the Rose on The Internet, just search for one that enlarges well
03 Apr Picture (Wayne Doyle)
Went to Germany from Brooklyn 1965. Would like to get a picture of the Rose.
19 Aug Good ole days (Richard Saltzburg)
Last I heard it was in Vietnam- I spent a few hours a few years back trying to track her. When my dad was working in Berlin, Germany, we used the Rose several times from Bremerhaven to NY for home leave.
19 Aug So did I (Richard Saltzburg)
I think I crossed the Atlantic at least twice on the Rose. I was only about 7-11 years old. But I remember the trip well.
17 Jul Rose (Alan Westwater)
I traveled Germany in August of 1964 on her.
04 Jul Picture (Fred Costello)
I returned from Germany in 1962. Bremerhaven to Brooklyn Navy Yard. I'd love a picture of the Rose if possible.

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