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Bulletin Board for USS Gen Simon B. Buckner - AP 123

23 Sep Looking for information about (Ann Lytle)
My father was LTCDR John T Lytle and aboard September 62 to Oct 62. Did anyone know him who is out there?
04 Jan I served aboard Buckner 1961 to 1963 (C Kenneth Draper)
I was a Navy corpman on board the Buckner for 2 years, 1961 to 1963. any crew members still around I would enjoy talking with you.
10 Sep USS Buckner (James Colglazier Jr)
I was on this ship going to Germany 1961
01 Sep To Germany via Casablanca (Kenneth Skinner)
We left (BAT) Brooklyn Army Terminal Nov 1,1955 bound for Ger via Casablanca,Morocco.Ten days to Cas and Four more to Bremerhaven.We hit one hell of a storm six days out of N.Y,it lasted for three days We were buttoned up all that time.On board the same ship home in July of 1958.I believe it was... More
17 Jun 1966, July-Intro to the Army (Mary Stenseth)
As young married couple, surgeon husband, wife and dachshund sailed to Bremerhaven for 3 yrs in Ger. I was a mere 22 years old and when checking in, asked "where the pool was and the deck chairs" thinking this was a fine crossing! Next memory was reserving a watertight kennel on the back deck and... More
13 Oct Buckner (jim shupe)
In mid-1955 I left Manahattan Beach AFS, I believe, on the Buckner, although a friend says we were on the Upsher. I recall we did make stop in Southhampton before continuing on to Bremerhaven. The Atlantic was dead calm for our crossing. After we left the English Channel and entered the North Sea... More
27 Sep Mrs. Vi Brown (Viola (Rupe)Brown )
I'm sure we came home on the Buckner in spring of 1962. I was in the 4th grade and finished about the last quarter here in Ft. Smith. My father retired at Ft. Chaffee in Sept. 63, before Kennedy was killed in Nov. We lived in Vogelweh, in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I also live in Kaiserslautern area... More
09 May Buckner ( )
In mid-1955, I left Manhattan Beach Air Force Station on the Buckner heading for Southampton. It took us 11 days. Even as they tried to keep us busy, it was a boring voyage. I was supposed to be assigned to Hq 7th Air Division (SAC), but got sidetracked with a transfer to Hq 3AF so I could spend... More
16 Dec troop ship (Len Warmington)
we (camp roberts) infantry trainees departed San Francisco approx january 1945 en route to Finschaven ,New Guinee (now no longer called that) - i heard the name of the ship called USS Gen. Butner, my friend corrected me and said the name was Gen. Buckner Anyone with new info? ... More
19 Jan SFC Thom Cartmell US Army Abn Retired (Thom Cartmell)
Anyway: my email: sargee7@honduras.com If You were on the Buckner the same time. I was in Bamberg 2/35 Arty Redesignated 1/75th Arty. ( November1962- 28 February 1965) SFC THOM

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