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Bulletin Board for USS Gen Simon B. Buckner - AP 123

19 Jan SFC Thom Cartmell US Army Abn Retired (Thom Cartmell)
Anyway: my email: sargee7@honduras.com If You were on the Buckner the same time. I was in Bamberg 2/35 Arty Redesignated 1/75th Arty. ( November1962- 28 February 1965) SFC THOM
19 Jan SFC Thom Cartmell US Army Abn Retired (Thom Cartmell)
I boarded the USNS BUCKNER on 28 February 1965 arrived New York 8 March 1965. Very Enjoyable Voyage. Chow was Great and plenty. SFC Thom Cartmell Retired.
19 Dec Allen E. Willeford (Allen Willeford)
I served three years in Germany from 1960 to 1963 and returned to the U.S. on the USNS Buckner in March 1963 to be discharged. At that time I returned to my home in Colorado. I have lived in Vermont for the past 35 years.
09 Dec Ron Holzermer (Veteran, 165th & 385th MP Batt (Ronald Holzermer)
I sailed on the U.S.N.S. Buckner in July 1965, from New York to Bremerhaven, Germany via Rhode Island, where we picked up some CB's, which were later send to Rhoda, Spain, after I arrived in Bremerhaven. I recall a very calm sea, all the way. I think it took 7-8 days. I worked on the ship,... More
24 Mar USNS General Simon B. Buckner (Jim Burkey)
Ths ship went into reserve storage around 1967 and I think it is long scrapped by now. What year were you on it?
23 Mar WHERE IS THE SHIP??????????????? ( )
WHERE IS THE SHIP?????????????
23 Mar USS Buckner vs UNSN Buckner??????????? ( )
Wut happen'? Did something change during the time I was on there or what? Probably....but where and when...and, WHERE IS THE DAMN SHIP??
23 Mar cont... ( )
We sailed when the Cuban Crisis was in full swing. We were alerted to come to the main deck with all surv. equip on...we stood on deck as the ship passed us by...everyone was scared My mother couldn't find the baby brother because he was with the sitter...she was frantic. Then,. we were told we... More
23 Mar where did your family end up ( )
We sailed the USNS Buckner...arrived in Brem. and went on to Mannheim
23 Mar From Japan back to the states (William Slemmer)
I am sure it was the Buckner my family took when my father was reassigned from Japan to the states in 1953. I was 10 and learned to play chess on that ship. Wish I knew which troop ship I was on when I went to Korea in 1965. Big difference in traveling between being a CPL and a dependent. Bill... More

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