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Bulletin Board for USS Gen Simon B. Buckner - AP 123

12 Nov USNS s.b. buckner ( )
would like to ID manifest showing me on this ship, New York to Bremerhaven, Sep -Oct 1957
05 Sep Bamberg ( )
We were stationed at Bamberg, Germany 1962-1964. Sailed out of Bremerhaven on the USNS Buckner in late Sep. of 1964. Very rough seas!
01 Jun To Vietnam 1966 (Preston Skinner)
I was part of the 516th Personnel Service Company which was transported to Cam Rahn Bay in the fall of 66. I did not enjoy my trip, as I was sea sick 21 of the 22 days. I was ready to get off that can, even if the VC were firing at us! My children all thought that I took a cruise to the Orient.... More
23 Jan scrap (keri green)
sold by the Maritime Administration in June 1997 for scrapping.
23 Jan manifest (keri green)
i have some info on this, but depends on what you are looking for. i have info on the manifest for 1961. send me an email at looking4williams@yahoo.com
08 Jan Harold Mehling (veteran Co C 385th MP Batt.; (Harold Mehling)
In May 1965 I sailed on the USNS Buckner from New York to Bremerhaven Germany; then stationed In Karlsruhe Germany 1965-1966. The trip took 8 days. The troops on board scraped paint and repainted the ship on that journey. My job was climbing up on the life boats where I would lean over the side... More
08 Mar If you find a manifest.... (keri green)
If you find one for 1961, please send to Looking4Williams@yahoo.com. Thanks!
08 Mar please help me (keri green)
I'm trying to help my friend find his father (who doesn't know he exists). I'm looking for a (probably) black man who served on the buckner in 1961. His name was (louis, luis) Williams. He hung out at Chico's place on Ricknerstrasse in Bremerhaven. If you have any information, please send to me... More
26 Jan veteran (robert hodges)
just would like to find out what happened to the MSTS ship Gen. Buckner
18 Aug Passenger Manifest ( )
Good Afternoon! I am trying to help a Veteran show that he was on the USNS Simon B. Buckner transport (T-AP 123) in July 1957 Coming from Germany to New York. How can I receive a copy of the passenger manifest showing when he arrived to port? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank... More

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