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Bulletin Board for USS Wadsworth - FFG 9

15 Jun Bm1 ( )
Anybody know what happened to Bm1 D.I.Gomez Thanks Bm2 Evans
07 Nov Yo Hudek its sn Hughes (Jesse Hughes)
02 Jan SN Washington (Fernando Avalos)
He was my good friend, hung out in Panama. ALL he wanted is to go home?
08 Nov mighty wads (THOMAS AQUARO)
hey this is peewee rm2.....that was one helluva cruise cmdr haynes and j.p. nute xo.....we sure did have a mixed crew, hope all is well. I'M here in central va, married etc...have my own biz livin the life as it comes. anyone know how/where to get a westpac cruise book ordered???? peewee
08 Nov chain locker (THOMAS AQUARO)
yeah, sn washington was his name....hung himself in bosn chain locker forward....he was a young black male....who wanted off thew ship, and was denied xfer...I shipped off a week or so later but remember it well...peewee
08 Nov westpac cruise book (THOMAS AQUARO)
hey this is peewee m radioman 2nd class...how do I get a copy of our pac cruise book mate?????
21 Jun ebg (eric guerrant)
there was a guy on our ship who hung hiself and i was trying to remember his name and recieve more information about him and what happen.
15 Apr you too boodie (Shawn Magee)
ya bud i remember you :) you get out or did you stay in the navy after the wads?
15 Apr haha i remember you disbo (Shawn Magee)
hows it going Disbo this is FC2(sw) Magee haha i use to fix your damn copiers and the PCs on the ship found this site looking for gmm2?? wayne brannon. you werent such a bad officer for a paper pusher :)
21 Mar Hey Scott (Joseph Delvecchio)
I'm living in Baltimore now. 2 ex-wives, 1 son, 4 daughters, 3 grand daughters, 2 grandsons. Still trying to get rich. Who was Scott from engineering? Don't remember Ramono. where is he in Baltimore? Haven't heard from anyone but you and John Stansfield(Gunners Mate). Heard from him about 4 years... More

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