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Bulletin Board for USS Edson - DD 946

23 Oct SFC Tim Pugh (Timothy Pugh)
Was on-board when ship was a trainer in Newport, RI, I think 1982!
22 Mar DK1 (Nicanor .P. Demesa)
I was the only Disbursing Clerk from 1979 to 1984
22 Mar DK1 (Nicanor .P. Demesa)
I was the only Disbursing Clerk from 1979 to 1984
20 Dec Chief Tanner (George Slanger)
Thanks for replying to my message. Tanner could be the name we are trying to come up with. It does not ring a loud bell, but it rings a bell. The person who would know is Jesus Trevino, who was a BT2 in 1960-62. I met him again at the EDSON reunion in San Diego in 2004. I have his street address... More
07 Dec Sherrod T. BT2 (Tyson Sherrod)
WAS PLANK OWNER ON USS EDSON DD 946 . 1958 to 1960, ARE THERE STILL GUYS LEFT ??? nice to hear.. Ty Sherrod
01 Nov EDSON in early 60's (George Slanger)
I served as Damage Control Officer and Engineer Officer on the USS EDSON from Dec. 1959 to Dec. 1962. I am interested in making contacts with others who served at that time on that ship. In particular, I am trying to recall the name of a Chief Boiler Tender, other than Chief Blair, who served at... More
28 Oct Mark Ostroff BT3 (Mark Ostroff)
I would be interested in joining the association. Let me know. Mark Ostroff E-mail: mostroff1@verizon.net
15 Aug Edson Reunions? (Kris Evans)
Are there any reunions schedules for crew members of the Edson DD 946? Please email me at im4kv@yahoo.com. Thanks
20 Jun RM1 Otis L. Burge Jr. ( )
Retired 31 Oct. 1985
25 Feb USS Edson Ass'n, East Coast (Mike Zunino)
Shipmates, We are forming an Edson Association on this coast, & are looking for committee members. There are a few of us, but we need some more. Anyone interested? Mike Zunino, STG2

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