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Bulletin Board for USS Barry - DD 933

11 Sep Hay Paul Caron of the USS Barry DD933 (Mark Pickton)
Hey this is Mark Pickton of DD933 USS Barry email me at piekto@comcast.net
09 Jul Good morning (Colin Floen)
I am QMCS (Ret) Floen. I was on the Barry 81-82 and transferred to the Valdez. I was a QMSN at the time. Did the Med cruise. Names I recall: QM2 Cliff Clausen, QM3 Chuck Johnson, YN3 Kautzmann, PN# Washington and many more. Drop me an E-mail if you want to reminence. colin@blountboats.com
16 Mar H'lo BARRY Shipmates (John Washington)
Served onboard 80-82. Currently in the NYC area. If you were onboard prior to decomm email at jwash49474@hotmail.com (send no attacchments).
12 Mar On Barry (Raymond Weed)
I was on the Barry and worked in the after fire room Raymond Weed at aspenmar@rcn.com
12 Mar On Barry (Raymond Weed)
I was on the Barry and worked in the after fire room Raymond Weed at aspenmar@rcn.com
24 Sep Barry crew members 73-74 (Paul Caron)
hey....looking to chat with any of the guys who served the same time I did.....lookin` for Lee Remsnyder, Jr from Georgia...Mark Pickton from Hartford CT...Chester Chandler...the "Woman Handler"....Dave Turner from S.Carolina....or any of the psychos I served with....Peace
23 Jun Barry July 2006 Reunion (Ronald Miller)
Contact Larry Loss at LarryDD933@Yahoo.com
23 Jun USS Barry at D.C. Navy Yard (Ronald Miller)
The ship is a "show ship" open to the public. There is a Barry reunion this July 13-14-15-16 in D.C. If you are interested, you can contacy Larry Loss at LarryDD933@Yahoo.com Ron Miller, FT3, 1957-1961 Phila., PA
24 Apr uss barry (Ron Coletti)
i served on the barry as a radioman from 61 to 62 on the barry. my name is ron coletti. e-mail me ar roncoletti@comcast.net
14 Mar Barry Radioman E/5 (Angelo Sciortino)
I too served on the 933, with Cdr. Kidd, and J.T.Law. Two great skippers. The best as far as I'm concerned. Some of the best years of my life were on the ole Barry. From '58 till May '61.Came aboard as a RMSA and left her RM2/C. Great ship, great cruises, Med, GTMO, Key West and then No.... More

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