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Bulletin Board for USS Lowry - DD 770

24 Feb USS LOWRY Assn (Charles Girnius Sr.)
Hi Bill, If you want to receive the the Lowry Association's free newsletter contact me with your address. I'm the current President of the Association.
18 Oct FTG2 Ken Juhasz (Kenneth Juhasz)
Rich, I remember you and Edwards, Joe Stigall told me about the accident(aka screw up). Have you been to any reunions and do you have contact with any other crew members? We've got to get some of the more recent crew members to come to the reunions cause the older guys are having a hard time... More
11 Oct FTG2 Richard Miller (Rich Miller)
This article just caught my eye, remembering
19 Nov Cuban Blockade ( )
I served,with honor,on the USS LOWRY from 1963 until 1965 as a Torpedomans Mate. Best ship and best crew any one could ask for.Richard Giordano
01 Oct BT's (Bryant Defrance)
Looking for all BT's 1960 - 1965 brydef1@yahoo.com
01 Oct MacGregor (Bryant Defrance)
On board 1960-62
10 Feb Mount 51 (Walter Coin)
USS Lowry Photos Exterior Shield, gun port area Exterior shield, gun port area, showing gun barrel departure damage at the lower section of shield. Front view of left gun, showing area at which barrel sheared. Note broken barrel support. Taken from directly above left gun, shows barrel support,... More
10 Feb Mount 51 (Walter Coin)
As a result of the explosion, a fire was started within the mount and the barrel was sheared approximately three feet from the breech end of the gun and about eleven feet of the barrel was lost over the port side of the ship http://members.tripod.com/~HawgheadToo/LHIST-6.html
10 Feb Mount 51 explosion 29 May 69 (Walter Coin)
29 May was a sad day for LOWRY, for this date while practicing Naval Gunfire Support at Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, an inbore explosion occurred in the left gun of Mount 51 http://www.tollesonsweetheart.com/usslowery.html
31 Jan GM3 Broadus Brickey on the U.S.S. LowryDD.770 (Broadus Brickey)
I wpukd like to tell my friends that I have a NEW e-mail address on the internet = skydiver74@att.net Thanks

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