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Bulletin Board for USS Bunker Hill - CG 52

29 Jun Bunker Hill shipmates (David Caston)
http://navy.togetherweserved.com another great website, quite a few B-Hill shipmates on there.
25 Apr Cruise Book (Thomas Rathbun)
Petty Officer Nugent, If you come across one let me know also. I never received my copy either. I know YN2 Tedder got his but don't know of any of the others. drop me a note YN3 Rathbun
26 Feb Bunker Hill(CG-52) Cruise Book (Jerimiah Nugent)
Hi, I'm a Plank owner of the USS Bunker Hill (CG-52) and I am looking for the the inaugural Cruise Book from 1987-1988. I ordered and payed for it before I left for school "A" in March 1988 to NRTC Great Lakes but never received it. If anyone knows where I can get a copy I would like to... More
30 Dec mum bell, (Greg Bell)
mum bell, wants to say good luck in what you are doing , but my daughter melissa bell is on bunkerhill ship what on earth what for i dont know but take care of her and all be a gentelman,enjoy and be good all will be ok. mumbell colorado springs
19 Dec searching fp3 terry plumber (1989) ( )
hey what you been doing please email just want to catch up
19 Dec looking for terry plumber ( )
just wanted to say hi see what is happening
26 Nov Looking for Chief Warrant Officer Avenancio (Edgar Hernandez)
Hi, I was on the Bunker Hill between 1991 and 1992. I'm looking for Mr. Avenancio (The Cheng at the time.) if anyone knows about him, please send me an email lobo_hernandez@hotmail.com. Thanks, Edgar
06 Jun ISO John Lightfoot, Milton Chavez or... ( )
Hi! I'm actually posting this for my fiance (he doesn't know I'm doing it yet!). He was on the Bunker Hill from about 2001-2003. Maybe it was 2000-2003. Anyway, we're looking for John Lightfoot, Milton Chavez or anyone who has a way to find them (ie a cruise book with their hometowns). ... More
21 Oct Eric Fadely and Kelly Price (William Martin)
Has anyone heard from or seen Eric Fadely or Kelly Price?
27 Sep Lookin for bunkerhill (Samantha .)
if there is anyone out there dat is on the bunkerhill can u please email me... many thanxs

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