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Bulletin Board for USS Essex - CVS 9

01 Jun Looking for Zimmerman (Bob Woody)
Bob Woody is looking for Zimmerman. He would have been on the Essex from 65 to 67. Does anyone remember him or has anyone heard from him?
29 May Loss of HS-9 hilo/Storm of 63 (Joseph Maxwell)
Hi Larry, We were in the Bay of Karachi when the hilo went down,we wnet to general quarters and man over board stations,I was with a lantern on the port side aft,when we spotted a pontoon and a helmet float by,the launched a whale boat to retreive the wreckage, very sad knowing those men went down... More
28 May email address ( )
if anyone can find larry young, my email address is damesp6@sbcglobal.net...my name then was pat mullen
28 May re msg looking for essex shipmates 1962 ( )
have you heard from larry young. dont know what division.. docked in brooklyn, ny. 1962
28 May searching for larry young ( )
trying to reach him for 40 years. met in 1962..essex in port at brooklyn, ny. he was transferred to key west that year during bay of pigs. loss contact after that. help
08 May Dec Storm of 63 (Patric Powell Sr)
I rember that storm the mast brok off and fell on thwe flight deck aso we were 10 or 13 days later getting backt port. Patric Powell Gv division
02 May George Berenz (George Berenz)
Looking for M Div. 1963-64 george2396@hotmail.com
19 Apr Operations with the Ark Royal (Joseph Maxwell)
Hi Harris, I do remember operating with the Ark Royal,and the beer party we had as invited guests of their ship,after leaving the Ark Royal that night ,who can ever forget it was Nov 22,1963and upon returning to Essex we heard of Pre. Kennedys Assination.Also remember the Hilo we lost in the Bay... More
19 Apr I'm trying to find Kevin Lee Morgan ( )
In 1967 I met Kevin at the USS Essex CVS-9 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He must be about 58 years old by now and at that time he was living in Philadelphia. His marinenr. was 2309814. Can somebody help me to find him?
05 Apr I know that storm! (Louis Popoloski)
I was TAD in the Chief's mess at the time, but attached to E-Division. I remember the men shoring up the No.2 elevator curitain. All the hanger bay doors were closed except for a few feet. At the time, my buddy and I were trying to open the hatch to the escalator on the stbd side, and climbing... More

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