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Bulletin Board for USS Randolph - CVS 15

06 Feb Decil (Decil Fuhrman)
anybody from 3rd div, 65 to 66 out there, med cruse-florida cruse-pm club
20 Jan OI Div 59-62 (Thomas Bader)
I was aboard Randolph, OI Div, 1960-62, and knew Bill Benjamin (from Pueblo,CO). Don't know where he is, the last time I saw him was in 62 when I was leaving the ship. We "hit the beach" together a few times. Do you know anything about Bill Melby from Minneapolis, MN or John Halstead from... More
20 Jan Picture (Thomas Bader)
I have a photo of Randolph taken in 1958 before conversion from CVA to CVS. It was taken from the air, visable are jet aircraft and canted flight deck. This is obviously not the 1945 Randolph but if you want this photo I'll scan it to you.
25 Dec shipmates 1946 1948 from supply division (Jerry Nitka)
looking to contact arthur keller from ny served with him on Randolph then went on to ole miss pls contact me at stoliman28@optonline.net with any info posted by Jerry Nitka
12 Dec about picture of uss Randolph (William Wall)
my Dad served on the uss Randolph from 1944to 1945 and was injured on march 11th 1945 and when he was in the navel hospital they gave him a big photo of the randolph and before he passed away he gave it to me but my house was broken into years ago and they stole that and other things do you know... More
12 Nov did anyone serve with my grandfather (joseph busa)
just curious to see if anyone remembered him. his name is Joseph Busa he was from Woburn Massachusetts you can e-mail me at joeyb537@yahoo.com thank you
05 Sep Rodger&Terry Henricks (Warren Mckeever)
If you see this drop me at Link88892001@yahoo.com Been hopeing to get hold of you guys Have found out that we have lost a few friends Warren Mckeever
01 Sep Photographer (Sandra Cornelius)
Looking for information on Grant Williams from Idaho, Grant took aerial pictures of the USS Randolph in World War II. Thank you. Sandy
23 Jul Information about Leadean Levis 1944-45 (Sandra Cornelius)
Lea served as a Navy Hellcat aboard the USS Randolph in WWII. He was my cousin, I would just like to know anything about him. He is MIA since 1945. Thank you. Sandy
05 Apr Your Dad (Warren Mckeever)
I was with your dad on the Randolph I can tell you a few tails about him I know of one that I was in on LOL I did have his phone no but lost it and I talk to him a few yrs ago but he couldnt rember me I forgot to tell him about the moonshine and that Indian friend of ours though MY email is... More

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