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Bulletin Board for USS Point Defiance - LSD 31

31 Jul hey Ken (John Nicolosi)
call me at 978-532-0717 John Nicolosi mm3
31 Jul hi jimmy (John Nicolosi)
where have you been? We have reunions every year that I started . Get a chance call me at 978-532-0717 John Nicolosi
16 Jun CS-3 Smith ( )
i was on the pd from 1965-1967
09 May I was there (Jimmy Jaynes)
I was on the PD on that curise, I rember that pile driver and the heavy seas on the way over
22 Apr Jimmy Jaynes BT3 1966-1969 (Jimmy Jaynes)
I was aboard the PD then I was a BT and my brother was a enginman, my E-mail is jaynesaj@yahoo.com
10 Apr Ken Turner (Carolina Flash) (Ken Turner)
Looking to locate shipmates who made the westpack to Nam in 1966. We stopped in Honolulu, picked up some Marines, then stopped in Subic Bay and picked up a pile driver then we delivered our payloads to various places.... anybody remember?
10 Mar Looking to reunite with shipmates 64-67 (Jim Phillips)
have lots of memories of this ship!
10 Mar Served 64-67 on LSD-31 (Jim Phillips)
Jim Phillips E-3
22 Dec USS Point Defiance (David Patterson)
Looking for anyone who steamed on PD's last Vietnam cruise APR -Oct 72. David Patterson
15 Nov from USS Point Defiance LSD 31 (Bradley Baker)
BUDDY STATEMENT Looking for anyone who served on Point Defiance 68-69. Need verifcation up Quaviet River 1968-1969 and Perfume Beach R&R or up Saigon River to offload 1st Calv and equip and get supplies. Pending PTSD and agent orange claim. Contact Bradley Baker at yukonqtip@yahoo.com

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