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Bulletin Board for USS Tripoli - LPH 10

17 Sep Who was the Flt. Surgion for HMM-165, 1972 (Al Halseth)
I was hit by a Taxi cab in Kobe, Japan. March 1972. I have a VA clain in. I've had amnisia for 30 years. I need to find L/Commander McDaniels. The Ftl. Surgion for HMM-165, onboard the USS Tripoli. Thanks, AL alhalseth@marinecorps.com
13 Aug What a ship (Jonathan Moore)
I miss this ship. THis was my first ship I served on and I was on her till she was taken out of service in 1995. I did my first WESTPAC deployment on her and became a shellback on her as well. It was an awesoem ship and had alot of history. IF anyone on here remembers me I served on her from 1994... More
02 Aug Indo/Pak war of 1971 and Task Force 74? (Andy Doty)
All, What ships escorted USS Tripoli and USS Enterprise into the I/O at the end of 1971? V/R Andy Doty
04 May none (Woodrow Robison)
so where is the tripoli--i was on her in 1967
06 Feb I was in the AC & R shop (Ron Vallejo)
Hey Greg this is Ronnie "Beaner" Lost track of time, but back on the system checking things out. "A" Gang
09 Jul need help (Gary Morton)
My Name is Larwrence Lamberth I was on th Tripoli LPH 10 and was a medivac lite bearer and am In need of a way to get information about my duty roster from 67 to 68 The DAV sugested writing the ships historian but I don't know haw can anybody help? write: gazilion@aol.com
28 Jun where is the strait (Jerry Pattison)
severed on her 69 70 simper-fi
09 Jun She's back... (David Wright)
on the waterfront, a now-familiar face across the strait.
05 Jun Where'd she go? (David Wright)
Anybody know where Tripoli went? She disappeared from the waterfront within the last couple of weeks. (It's now 5 Jun 05)
02 May Any Plankowners around??? (Jim Schneider)
Jim Schneider, I was a FN in A div. from before Commissioning till we were about to pull into San Diego for the first time. Rode her around and through the Canal from Philadelpia. Bob Middleton TM3 and I were sent to Swift Boat training and shipped to Viet Nam. I was wounded and med evacted back... More

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