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Bulletin Board for 504th Supply & Transport Battalion

20 May SSG Taylor (Teddy TaYLOR)
HELLO TO ANYONE THAT HAS MADE IT TO THIS POINT IN YOUR LIFE I WAS AT THE barracks' 67 TO 68 LET ME SEE WHOM I CAN REMEMBER ROGER Strong Mac Neil ,Green, A.C. McCullough. Mac Nair. I Drove truck A52 , Gerald Eely That's about all that I can remember at this time.All if these people were Brothers... More
18 Feb Photos 504th S&T (Charles Paylor)
Do you know if there is a site for any photos during that time (66-69). I am trying to re-create my service photos that were lost many years ago. Thanks
01 Feb I was there 68 - 70 too. (James Shockency)
I was in Det. C. as a truck mech. and later as Generator Op./ Mech. (52B20). Rotated out in Apr. '70
04 Nov HHC 504th S&T 1968 to 1970 (Harry Berkowitz)
Willie I saw your post and I do remember you. You did some great art work that I still have in my home. I am Harry Berkowitz I worked in the S-4.
02 Nov Kenneth Emken (Kenneth Emken)
I was there when LTC John J Bilion . Agreed he was a fine man.
05 Oct I was there 68-70 (Willie Logan)
I was the in B Co. and HHC. I was the Battalion Graftman my last six months
22 May PSNCO Staff Headquartes (Gregory Murrell)
Yes there was 2 good SMaj Kober and Davidson, last time I seen SMaj Davidson was at Furth,G leaving for Vietnam.
22 May Personel Staff NCO (Gregory Murrell)
LTC John J. Bilon was very good, last I heard he is located North Little Rock, AR I was his personal driver and Staff Clerk.
03 Jan Monteith (Ian Lamb Sr)
Bn Cdr was John J Bilon Great times over there
25 Dec PSNCO (Gregory Murrell)
If I was betting I drove you to Rhine-Main AFB to catch your plane. Battalion Cmdr was LTC Bilon, and Asst was Maj Anderlot.

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