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Bulletin Board for 708th Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion

02 Dec Dave Smith (Dave Smith)
I'm not sure if old bud is a qualifier, but I was there with you until July '90.
25 Mar Charlie Wreckers! (Charles Winslett)
Charlie 99 or 100? have a site on here just for C Co,, please join, When were u there Harvey?
23 Feb hey iwas in c co 81 to 83 worked in supply (Craig Tchida)
pvt tchida here worked in supply with sgt patterson and annette brown sgt brown was unit armorer partied like a s ob with hainsworth simon zippy mccratic wormwood tex ramsey scudder i was in the staussenbahn that was run over by the tank right by watertower wormwood murphy were on our way to the... More
14 Feb Charlie guys (Michael Preston)
I have a list of some folks from C co. who were there about 62 to 66. pvtpreston@comcast.net if you are interested in this. Preston
06 Feb Hooks (Timothy Corntassel)
Would your husband be a Sgt Tolbert who left HHC at Baumholder early 1975? The Wayne Hooks name sounds familiar. Tim Corntassel
05 Feb Charle Company (Harvey Neher)
I was in Charle Company in Sandoffen Garmany. I worked in Tech Supply the first part of my stay and than I weat to the Servic and Evac. to run a wercker for the rest of my stay.
29 Jan Preston, M. D. to Glenn Lee (Michael Preston)
I left in June of '66. I have built a list of guys from '62 to '66 tho I recently lost my computer.
29 Jan Is there a Ronnie (Michael Preston)
I don't believe I have found him yet. Just lost my computer and am rebuilding the list. Preston
18 Nov Looking for Vince (Mark Clemenz)
Looking for a lost buddy "Vincent Mcqueen" C-708th Maintenance Co. 1982-1985 Any info contact Mark @ mclemenz@indy.rr.com Thanks
11 Nov 708th co d at robert e lee barracks (Lewis Silver)
i spent 1 1/2 years with co d....i was the trng nco came out a spec 5

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