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Bulletin Board for 71st Ordnance/Maintenance Battalion

23 Aug 504th muna kaserne (Jack Winton)
2 miles off main post i think it gate19 not sure my cell phone number is 2153851341
23 Aug muna kaserne (Jack Winton)
i got there in 73 hooked up with joe brewer and mike taylor and guy named cowboy the co was hewitt
17 Jul For Steve Shirley (Nathan Kern)
Were you my Supply Seargent between 1981-1983? Your wife was Robin, Right? I was your armorer if this is you. Started out as an e-nuthin working in the Small Arms Shop. Nathan G. Kern...Just curious...it was a good experience and I remember you well. And well of you.
24 Jun Muna Area 71 74 bamberg germany (Steve Shirley)
I was station at the Muna. I started as a E-2 and worked my way to E-4 working in the supply room. I knew a SSg Babbit, I beleived he had a mechanic MOS and worked in the motor pool or he QA section. Steve Shirley
03 Oct hmmmm (Sally Castro)
yup......talkin' to paul hall....he's gonna ask vanderwege if he remembers animal's name...i'll get back with you
01 Oct Sally!!!! (Ronald Fleetwood)
I see your picture , it is you how have you been all these years? do you remember me? please let me know?
30 Sep Miss ya..would like to talk to you again> (Ronald Fleetwood)
Sally call me!!! this is Fitch!!! do you remember me? 4806555516
30 Sep Ronald Fitch SP/4 (Ronald Fleetwood)
Hi sally, I worked in the motorpool at pinder Barracks I I knew a sally there that was a truck driver...If this is you I hope you remember me! I was with the 156th maint. co. there. God I hope this is you..I miss you! Oh by the way my last name is Fleetwood now, which is my birth name, Fitch was... More
26 Sep 71st Ord, 1990-1992 (Dewayne Dismuke)
Hanau, Germany, anyone here? Last names: Perkins, Williams, Braxton, Dismuke,
24 Sep 156 Maint Co (Robert Jurrens)
We were in the same platoon I think. Paul Hall Ted Hoskins and Jay Addy I think were in my squad. I probably was not very memorable. Paul might remember me.

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