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Bulletin Board for 156th Army Security Agency Company

22 Jun regarding copeland (William Aman)
last i heard he had passed away a few years ago, so had hugh isreal (izzy) from the mp's
02 Dec 156th 74-77 (Randy Weyandt)
Randy Weyandt, UPO, Flt Opns with Perkins etc..Anyone know wehre LeMond, Copeland, Redding, or anyone is? Don Bly is in WA state, Copeland TN last I heard. We won Post Fball with a crazy team to say the least. Love to have a copy that team photo...
27 Sep mopo (Scott Peterson)
I was in the motor pool in 75-76. I think the motor sargent was E-6 Trent. We took a field exersize to fort Hood in the summer. Anybody there?
24 Apr Unit Patch (Joe Ault)
Greg, I think I still have a unit patch or two around here somewhere, you can contact me at Racballjoe@aol.com
19 Jul Roll Call (William Aman)
Drop me a line to let us know if you are still around. We're over due for a roll call. William_a98312@yahoo.com Excused from formation SGT Hugh Isreal MP CWO Capron PILOT
23 Nov ALERT-ALERT All 156 members read this (William Aman)
Go to GlobeXplorer.com. In their archives I found recent satelite photos of the 156 company area. Both hangers, ops, secure compound, supply, barracks, mess hall, ect. The resolution was so good you can even see cars parked in front of the secure compound. Its all still there. (Brought me to... More
07 Aug Started It All (David Mcquillen)
I was in the 156th Aviation Detachment (RR) in CanTho, RVN. Myself, three other MPs, seven (?) pilots and 15 (?) Operators started it all. Jim Price was there almost from the beginning. Does anyone have an in-country pocket patch, or any other patches unique to the 156th?
05 Jun MP Detachment (John Pennington)
Served as a MP from Jan-76 to Aug-76 with the 156th. Looking to connect with all of my old buddies.
25 Mar 156th Unit Patch (Greg Alman)
I was with the 156th at Biggs Field in 1975 and 1976. I am looking for the unit patch and was hoping someone here might still have one. I really only need a good scan or picture. Thanks, Greg Alman geagca@msn.com
02 Mar I was there 1970 (Robert Busby)
I was with the 156th MP Det in 1970.

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