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Bulletin Board for 156th Army Security Agency Company

21 Jul Hello Marc (Lyle Hahn)
This is Lyle Hahn Retired CWO in Alabama
13 Jul Can Tho Sept '69- Sept '70 (Arthur Hill)
I arrived as an MP in Sept. '69 and remained with the 156th until it merged with the 335th. At that point , all non flight status members transfered into the 335th. Moved into the new Opns bunker formerly utilized by the SF. ahill28909@aol.com
20 Apr Anyone know whereabouts of Lyle Hahn, SSG (Marc Fisher)
Looking to find out where he finally settled.
04 Nov Bob Copeland. (Randy Weyandt)
No way..Sad From What?.married to Faye and son Christopher..worked in Budget office...Living in TN when I saw him last back in last 70s.Randy Weyandt
02 Sep I remember Hugh Israel (Warren Price)
I need to browse more. I'm Warren Price (First Sergeant, Opns Sgt, and Football Coach) 73-76. Email me at: wprice912@yahoo.com
22 Jun regarding copeland (William Aman)
last i heard he had passed away a few years ago, so had hugh isreal (izzy) from the mp's
02 Dec 156th 74-77 (Randy Weyandt)
Randy Weyandt, UPO, Flt Opns with Perkins etc..Anyone know wehre LeMond, Copeland, Redding, or anyone is? Don Bly is in WA state, Copeland TN last I heard. We won Post Fball with a crazy team to say the least. Love to have a copy that team photo...
27 Sep mopo (Scott Peterson)
I was in the motor pool in 75-76. I think the motor sargent was E-6 Trent. We took a field exersize to fort Hood in the summer. Anybody there?
24 Apr Unit Patch (Joe Ault)
Greg, I think I still have a unit patch or two around here somewhere, you can contact me at Racballjoe@aol.com
19 Jul Roll Call (William Aman)
Drop me a line to let us know if you are still around. We're over due for a roll call. William_a98312@yahoo.com Excused from formation SGT Hugh Isreal MP CWO Capron PILOT

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