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Bulletin Board for 787th Military Police Battalion

06 Jan I was there (Trevor Abney)
Was in Bravo Co. From Feb 22. to July 11. 2007
08 Dec Don, is that you (Freddie Brock)
Is this former DS Gillum, D Co, 787th, 91-93? freddie.brock@us.army.mil
03 Dec F-12 (James Kellerman)
I was in F-12 from 5-86 to 9-86. James Kellerman
10 Nov graduation video (Steven Gray)
I never saw it myself so I doubt that any copies exist. Sorry.
10 Nov Confirmation (Steven Gray)
Yes...he got into trouble. It is all true.
09 Sep mp (Theresa Duhon)
wait until basic training is over...that will be ur best bet...mp got it stricked..
08 Sep Bama Training (Donald Gillum)
I wasn't in Basic Training, but I pushed troops with 2ND PLT WARDAWGS. This is ex-Drill Sergeant Gillum, not get down and push some dirt.
08 Sep 2ND PLT. WARDAWGS, D-787 (Donald Gillum)
This is Drill Sergeant Gillum, RET. How are things?
20 May me too (Phillip Sams)
i graduated from e 787 in aug 11th 2005 i think is right. what months were you there
05 Apr Charlie Company 787 - 3rd Platoon (Pablo Montanez)
I was in C Company 787th MP Battalion, 3rd Platoon from Sept. 1997 to Jan. 1998 for Basic Training and AIT. I'm just interested to see what others soldiers that went there with me are doing since its been over ten years since we graduated. I can be reached through email pman787@yahoo.com. Look... More

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