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Bulletin Board for 1st Signal Brigade

26 Aug Beason Microwave (Leonard Cox)
I was not stationed there, I was at Namsan, Camp Red Cloud, and Kimpo. Used to go to Beason on inspections.
23 Aug Member publishes novel about Darfur (John Martin)
John Martin, retired 1SG, has written about a deployment to Darfur. This fictional account, titled "DEPLOYMENT" draws on experiences an aquaintences over a 29 year career. Available on line from Barnes & NOble, Amazon, iUniverse and others
20 Aug Luis lalama (Luis Lalama)
if I am not mistaken the 459th HQ was in Na Trang, and the 228th was part of it ?
20 Aug E-5 Luis lalama (Luis Lalama)
Congratulations on your retirement, it's been over 40 years since Hon Tre Island in Vietnam, I served from Feb 4/68 to Feb9/69 I was the acting mess seargent the last month of my tour
03 Aug Beason Microwave Site (Robert Dudas)
Anyone out there ever been stationed at Beason Site?
31 Jul OZR air controllers?? (Mark Radabaugh)
any out there from mid to late 70's?? cairns tower 78~79 mark radabaugh fl
31 Jul 284th aviation batt (Mark Radabaugh)
eye was there...loved every minute of it!!! remember ltc billy dooly???...lol mark radabaugh fl
16 Jul ban me thuot signal detachment (Franklin Hughes)
all vietnam veterans who served with the ban me thuot signal detachment are invited to join the bmt sig det at 459th sig bn web site. we have 4 members now and are searching for more. thanks franklin hughes
06 Jul Are you asking about.. (Karl Englund)
USASTRATCOM Facility on the Beach? Karl
06 Jul Is this for .. (Karl Englund)
Is this for USASTRATCOM Facility in Da Nang - on the beach between the two Mountains?

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