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Bulletin Board for 125th Air Traffic Control Battalion

04 Mar Still Looking For 1965 125th Members (Mike Obrien)
I put a message in here in 2006 and have heard nothing from back in 1965. I was a 64 grad from Keesler, worked in FT Sill in Henry Post Tower...Was working as support for National Guard in FT Chaffe AK, got orders for Nam in Aug 1965...Landed in Sep 65 and worked out of Than Son Nut "Capitol... More
29 Mar Cam Rahn Bay (vicente sanchez)
Looking for a buddy named Kenneth L Stinson. He was a doorgunner with the 125th stationed in Cam Rahn Bay. All I know that he was from Texas. Please call or email me. 509-754-0846 classickid68@hughes.net . I was in country June 70- May 71. Need as a witness for a VA claim. NEED HELP!! Vincent
26 Nov Larry is still around (Larry Davis)
Anyone else
02 Nov patch (vicente sanchez)
Pozin I tryed that email address, no luck. Can you help me get a patch vince
20 Oct patch (vicente sanchez)
I was all excited about the 125th patch. Does anybody knows were I can get one.
19 Oct patch (vicente sanchez)
email address has been suspened. Whats next?
02 Oct doorgunners (vicente sanchez)
Looking for the guys that was with the 2nd platoon Company C that were stationed in Cam Rahn Bay from june 1970- may 1971. Maybe they were with Company B. Anyway I was stationed in Bien Hoa, I went with them as a doorgunner, not long(I was the avionics man) My name is Vicente Sanchez (Spec 4).... More
06 Sep Take a look at these (Richard Blodgett)
We all know that Veterans stick with Veterans and a veteran that I have never met is still more of a Brother to me than some "Joe" off the street. What am I getting at? My name is Rick Blodgett and I served in Korea '85-86 and Oklahoma afterwords. Many years later I started making custom flag... More
27 May 125th ATC at Cam Rahn (Ray Isaac)
Looking for anyone that was stationed out on the peninsula with the 125th from jan 1970 to may 1970. May have been called Coastal Center.
24 Feb photos needed of an member of 125th ATC,1965 (brian Hjort)
My name is Brian Hjort, I am helping my amerasian friend Jimmy,he was born in Vietnam during the war,hes father served in 125th ATC in Pleiku from 10/1964 to 10/1965 and later from 07/1968 to 07/1969. He was father name was Gerald George Gappa born 1936 and passed away 1990 .He was an Master... More

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