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Bulletin Board for 125th Air Traffic Control Battalion

24 Feb photos needed of an member of 125th ATC,1965 (brian Hjort)
My name is Brian Hjort, I am helping my amerasian friend Jimmy,he was born in Vietnam during the war,hes father served in 125th ATC in Pleiku from 10/1964 to 10/1965 and later from 07/1968 to 07/1969. He was father name was Gerald George Gappa born 1936 and passed away 1990 .He was an Master... More
15 Jan Lost Buddy (Jimmy Hill)
Looking for Lance Barnett from Texas. Nickname "Tex". Big CokeACola fan. Bien Hoa 67.
13 Jan David good hearing from you (Jerry Morrison)
Not sure what happened to Major Marti. Also often wonder what happened to James Moraska, Dale Porter and Renaldo Delgado.
12 Jan Morrison: I remember you (David Schumacher)
I also remember the House 8. I would have been amongst you if I hadn't been such a screw up. LOL. That's how I ended up in Pleiku. Capt. Wood wanted to keep a closer eye on me. And no doubt about it: Maj. Marti was a class act. I often wonder what happened to him. He was a West Point grad and I... More
07 Jan Maj Marti (Jerry Morrison)
I agree with David that Maj Marti was a great officer and gentleman.
07 Jan 125 ATC Hue (Jerry Morrison)
Served with the 125th from 1967-1969. Pleiku,Danang, then Hue. Looking for members that were staitoned with me especially those that were with me in House 8, during the 68 TET offensive
19 Oct 125th ATC patch (Joseph Cochran)
I was with the 125th in kontum do they still sell the patch
06 Jan Re: Maj. Marti (David Schumacher)
I was mistaken. That wasn't Maj. Marti who took ill. It was Maj. Harrell who became ill, who took over after Maj. Marti was transferred (I don't know if he rotated back to the states or went to another unit).
03 Dec Remember Tet 68 (David Schumacher)
I remember you vaguely. And I do remember Ray Leadbetter and John Mathena. I'll check out your website.
03 Dec Maj. Marti (David Schumacher)
He was the finest officer it was my pleasure to know and work with. After him was Capt. Roudebush. But I remember Maj. Marti took ill and was shipped out of Vietnam a couple of months after the Tet Offensive. I was walking in downtown Pleiku one day and saw one of those photography that had been... More

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