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Bulletin Board for 141st Signal Battalion

20 Dec C Co Barracks (Gary Wash)
I was there and assigned to A C0, but I dated a SSG for a while who lived in the C Co barracks. Her name was SSG Opal Torvinen.
06 Dec HQ's Motor Pool 2/72 to 12/74 (Byron White)
I was the Battalion motor pool clerk/mechanic. Good times, along with the big ones. But best duty station I had in my 14 yrs. DAV now. Carol Rausch. Where are you.
24 Sep SSG DUGGAN (Jack Templeton)
I wasn't in the convoy when SSG DUGGAN was crushed and killed. A SSG and I had to go and Identify him. He was an incredible person and I was honored to have served with him !
25 Jul Jack Templeton 72-74 (Jack Templeton)
Feels like I was at Barton Barracks Years ago. Has anyone heard from Pete Rodgers or Denny Epperson ?
26 Jun 141st Sig Bn (Angelo Lopez)
Looking for anyone there from 84-87. Ansbach Jazz players 44-4 record basketball.
26 Mar I was there (Charles Russell)
I was A co. patch panel / switchboard Main Plt. Last SSG was Halloway. Sp/5 starting Dec 76. Sp/5 Ravelo in my section too.
26 Mar 141st 1974-1977 (Charles Russell)
I was A company also Main Plt. Sp/4 to Sp/5 by Dec/76. Russell my surname worked patch panel/telephone. You/
22 Mar old freinds (thomas perkins)
anyone 141st Barton Bks from 1976-77. email me at thomasperkins96@yahoo.com
21 Feb yearbooks (Richard Berlly)
Does anyone know if it's possible to obtain a copy of the book we received I believe after graduation from AIT?
20 Feb Dispensary (George Burford)
Where was the dispensary located?

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