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Bulletin Board for 141st Signal Battalion

25 Dec Biological Father (courtney lujan)
Looking for biological father named Alan Bilder. He was in the 141 signal battalion possibly headquarters platoon ansbach germany 1988/1989. Please email if any information at all. courtney.lujan@outlook.com
22 Dec looking for elect shop. (Greg Knuth)
Any one remember Greg Knuth from sig shop?
20 Dec C Co Barracks (Gary Wash)
I was there and assigned to A C0, but I dated a SSG for a while who lived in the C Co barracks. Her name was SSG Opal Torvinen.
06 Dec HQ's Motor Pool 2/72 to 12/74 (Byron White)
I was the Battalion motor pool clerk/mechanic. Good times, along with the big ones. But best duty station I had in my 14 yrs. DAV now. Carol Rausch. Where are you.
24 Sep SSG DUGGAN (Jack Templeton)
I wasn't in the convoy when SSG DUGGAN was crushed and killed. A SSG and I had to go and Identify him. He was an incredible person and I was honored to have served with him !
25 Jul Jack Templeton 72-74 (Jack Templeton)
Feels like I was at Barton Barracks Years ago. Has anyone heard from Pete Rodgers or Denny Epperson ?
26 Jun 141st Sig Bn (Angelo Lopez)
Looking for anyone there from 84-87. Ansbach Jazz players 44-4 record basketball.
26 Mar I was there (Charles Russell)
I was A co. patch panel / switchboard Main Plt. Last SSG was Halloway. Sp/5 starting Dec 76. Sp/5 Ravelo in my section too.
26 Mar 141st 1974-1977 (Charles Russell)
I was A company also Main Plt. Sp/4 to Sp/5 by Dec/76. Russell my surname worked patch panel/telephone. You/
22 Mar old freinds (thomas perkins)
anyone 141st Barton Bks from 1976-77. email me at thomasperkins96@yahoo.com

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