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Bulletin Board for 141st Signal Battalion

13 Aug Hey "Daddy Pope"! (Luis Ruiz)
I was with you in those days! I remember some of the guys names on the team, Hawara, Newell, Robinson, Arturo Palacios ( my old roommate), Gokey, Harvey. Pallanes was the Platoon Sgt. CAPT. Gwinn (owned a Red Pantera), COL Heberle. I hated those banana yellow softball uniform we wore one time!!
27 Jul HHC, 141ST SIGNAL BN (Raymond Vaca)
glad to fine you guys. this is Ray Vaca, was clerk in HQ motor pool with Anders, there with Eric, Baker, Hillelshiem, mickelson, shruggs, Earl, bronze and the rest
15 Jul Papa Pope charlie co (Londell Pope)
Wait a minute they called me popa pope I was the best player on the team. If u r who u say u r what position did u play on which side of the plate did u bat. Not mad if u where in C co cool just looking for/get in touch with buddy's. (Say charlie say what)
15 Jul Papa Pope charlie co (Londell Pope)
Played softball was there 75-77. When I got there C CO was on the 4th floor of HHC building. Moved into the 2 story building a across the street. I was in the cable platoon our motto us say charlie say whaaat
09 Jul Papa Pope charlie co (Londell Pope)
1975-1977 The person u r talking about was he a cook
29 Jun Stein (C Ross)
Update... the stein is gone. The beat to you all!
07 May 141 Signal Bn. Alpha Gator Beer Stein (C Ross)
I have a 1989 Alpha-Gator beer stein. Captain Seay gave them out to the platoons after one of our exercises. And somehow, I managed to save mine. If you're interested in the mug, please write to me here. We can move this transaction over to EBay; where you can look at the stein. I've had an A+... More
07 May Hey 1st.Sgt. Huff (C Ross)
I'm Corrin from A co./DRear. Sgt. White gave me the nickname Roscoe-Peako-Train and it stuck. Thanks Sgt. White????. At the time, I was a room-dog with Hopper. Do you have a way to get in contact with her? I hope all is well with you. It looks like you retired at an E7. A big ???? for that!
02 Nov Sgt Linda Tucker (LINDA TUCKER)
I served with the 141 Signal Battalion with Desert Shield/Storm and I have been trying to get in touch with some of my fellow comrades from the motor pool and dinning facility. Is there a yearbook or facebook account for that time period? Just would like to contact many good friends
16 Oct old timer (mieczyslaw (mitchell) gromek)
does anyone go back far enough to remember the 141st in Fort Hood Texas?

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