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Bulletin Board for 127th Signal Battalion

22 Dec Herman Hodge (Herman Hodge)
I was there from 1975-1977. I was in company A, C and HHG when the Battalion was getting itself together. I was switch from company to company when we were getting more people into the unit. Remember the runs to Stillwell Hall in the morning during PT!!!!!!
27 Nov Hey SGT Demski! (Susan Tully)
It's Sue Tully - your young, supid platoon leader in 1977. How are you? I work for the VA now on Long Island in NY. Where are you? What are you doing? You were a darn good acting jack!
13 Nov Emanuel Miller (Emanuel Miller)
Emanuel Miller. I was there when you where. I remember Mark Keller.
13 Nov Emanuel Miller (Emanuel Miller)
Emanuel Miller. I was there when you where. I remember Mark Keller.
13 Nov SFC Emanuel Miller (Emanuel Miller)
I was there from 1989 to1991. I was in Sgt Perales's Plt. Now I'm getting ready to retire from the AGR Program in March. IF you guys remembered me, Email me at emanuel.miller@us.army,mil
08 Nov Sgt Esteban Ruiz (John Denton)
B Co, Gp (4th) Plt, 1984-1988. Where are you or any of the soldiers from that time frame? contact me at john.h.denton@usps.gov
27 Oct 127 Sig Bn 83-85 (John Northcutt)
Hiya! Kirk! I was in B Co, 1st Plt from Feb 83 to Jan 85. Ran the telecom center. Not many folks from our time frame to be found. John Northcutt
18 Oct 127 SIG BN 83-85 (Kirk Johnson)
Looking for anyone who was in 127th from 83-85 just to say hey. I was at ADCEO HHC. Kirk Johnson
14 Oct Hello (Patrick Spicer)
I remember a SGT McGraw that as 31M. Is that you? I think so. How are you.
08 Oct Post Signal Aug.69-sept.70 (Michael Wright)
My name is Mike Wright(some of the guys i ran around with suggested we put er on our last name, an example would be like Mike Wrighter) anyways, we "smoked" and drank a lot more than we should and the Col. would run us for p.t. every day it seemed like. Spent too much money in TDC or Tunduchon... More

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