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Bulletin Board for 123rd Signal Battalion

I am Ricky Clowers I was in B company where i think everybody smoked a little bit of hash, i was Sgt Watts driver, there has to be some people out there somewhere that remember me. Julie Golden was my girlfriend we were going to get married where the Hell did she go.ha ha if anybody remembers me i... More
27 Oct 2nd platoon bco. 123sig 1988 to 1990 (Steven Belden)
looking for people from secound platoon bco. Im steve belden lokking for old friends, you can email me at blazerkoala@excite.com
10 Oct A co 123 sig bn Motor Pool Rocks 1986 - 1989 (Scott Cobat)
Hi all. Recalling all the good memories. Sgt Sousa, Sgt Riley and the boys knew how to throw a party. The Matra Bagherra Green 3 seater was a kool car. The Green Goose will always have a place in my heart. Rock on all! Ervin Meadows, you rock my friend! Gali Rivero , where are you?? Rock the... More
26 Sep Hindenberg 1972 (Edward Hervey)
I was in A Co. Captain Parr was the Cap at that time is the any one remember him or Sgt Ira Crowder he was my platton Sgt at the time if any one remember them let me know. My email address is echervey@netins.net
10 Sep hardlegs (alberto pastoriza)
I am sgt Pastoriza 31F and I remenber that when the first 2 females arrived the unit 1st SGT Watson transfer from the unit. Then life was hell for the 2 young ladies until 1 went AWOL
01 Sep Picture Of Hindenburg Kaserne (James Mccants)
I have picture of Hindenburg Kaserne, If you want to see them send me you email address at Jhmcc5254@aol.com and I will send them to you via Kodak Easy Share. Thanks and enjoy. all I ask you to do is just let me know how you like them. thanks
01 Sep Pictures Of Hindenburg Kaserne (James Mccants)
I have pictures of Hindenburg Kaserne and wurzburg Germany to view them go to classmates.com click on James H McCants click on Wurzburg 63-68 click on photo albums click on 123rd sig bn/ June 1965 June 1968. enjoy, please let me know how you like them. Thanks
19 Aug I remember it. (Michael Cast)
I remember "40 Mark Park" very well. I even took my sleeping bag and slept there once because there was such a racket in the barracks one night that sleep in my barracks room was damn near impossible. When I woke up in the morning, I discovered that a German hobo had laid his bag near mine and was... More
14 Aug ID (Robert Mcelhone)
Do you remember a ssg Robert (bob) McElhone, worked in Div. Sig Office with SSG Dean Haskins.?
13 Aug Together We Served (Chris DePrater)
Here is Army website that has be started for military service members. www.army.togetherweserved.com

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