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Bulletin Board for 123rd Signal Battalion

24 Jun 74 - 77? (Redge Thompson)
Ron, If you were there 74 - 77 we MUST have known each other .... many dormant brain cells because of / since then. I was in A Co. 1st platoon (always at Div Main [50?] when out in the field) was a 31M - Sgt Platt was plt sgt. - Capt Chessner (sp?) then some other CO (Wilson?). Do you... More
28 May to Louis Cameron: (James Pease)
Hey, I was there! 87-89 ..e-mail me at fidelis.ut.nullus@gmail.com
11 Apr 1976/1978 A company (Lin Doty)
Hello Comrades, Lin Doty here am looking for Terry Scruggs,Joyce Junokas(JJ),Rosella Whisenhunt,or any one who remembers the good times at Hindenburg in the mid to late 70's
27 Mar Hello out there (Stacy McIntire)
I worked in the battalion S-1 HQ company if any one remembers me hello.
11 Mar Hey there (Diane Bass)
Do you remember me, Diane Bass 3rd platoon? If so, shoot me an email diane.marquardt@gmail.com
05 Mar Looking for my father! (Tiffany Henderson)
Hi, my name is Tiffany Henderson, and i am looking for my biological father. He was 1st SGT Paul Watson at the Hindenburg Kasern in Würzburg. It has to be before 1975 because i was born 1976. I would be very thankfur for any information or any hint on how i could find him. I know that i have a... More
31 Jan Hello (Roger Brooks)
Hi there,My name is Roger Brooks,I also was in the 123rd Signal Battalion in 1964-1967,hated every minute Of it but did get to see a lot of Europe It sure was nice to hear from you Talk to you later
25 Jan Hi Mayo (Bill Tattenbaum)
Its Bill Tattenbaum, remember its not cold, its freezing. email me at gudguy1560@gmail.com love to hear from you, take care Bill
08 Dec He's Alive! (Thomas Crowder)
Years ago, I was told that ?Flu? Dennis Flubacher died in a car accident around 1997. . . . . . Well . . he?s VERY much alive. I talked to Flu yesterday. He said he was in a bad accident, but he?s fine now. Like many of us from the 70's, Flu left Hindenburg and never looked back and has only... More
27 Nov I think i remember you dude (Floyd Ruiz)
Put a pic up in your profile .....never was good with names but i never forgot a face ........ Later dude ..... I was a biker there and i am still a biker today lol......

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