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Bulletin Board for 122nd Signal Battalion

06 Aug Pictures of Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
does anyone have pictures of Camp Howze or Camp Casey they could e-mail me ? MY E- Mail haggis_01@live.com
06 Aug Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
I meant the 122nd , Iwas with the 124th in Nam 67-69
06 Aug Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
I was with the 124th in 1966-67, C0. A supply driver & Clerk then drove for the 1st Sgt. until March of 67 befor going to Nam.
22 Mar FYI (Steve Johnson)
21 Mar reply to Searching for medallion (Mike Woods)
My name is Mike Woods and I was stationed in Korea for quite a few years, do you know which medallion it was? There are unit medallions and company medallions and mission medallions so if you know which company he was in that would help a lot. Regards
15 Mar b company (Tom Sturgill)
stokes my name is tom i was there about that time only in b company maybe we can talk i am in georgia at this time call me 4047022653
15 Mar were are u now (Tom Sturgill)
im looking for the guys i was there with its been a long time but i think of u guys often here are some name i remember randy cole dennis wood denver coronet kendel kerr james hogan sgt helrung if u guys see this
15 Mar john eerdmans looking 70-71 chu lai (John Eerdmans)
family is trying to contact buddies who served with john - passed due to problems from viet nam please contact
13 Mar a co. 122 sig (Larry Stokes)
1979 to 1980 looking for some of the old fellow served with Larry stokes e-4
20 Feb Mack (Terence Mclaughlin)
Just checking with other Vets on the 122nd Sig Bn 1969 to 1970.

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