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Bulletin Board for 122nd Signal Battalion

18 Feb 122nd signal 1983-1984 (Mari Brickhouse )
Hey yall , My name is Mari Brickhous i was station on Camp Casey from 83-84 looking for my buddie Rose Bosher or anyone that served with me. We had the first change of command cerimony that I know of where our Company Comander had his Frat buddies of Que dogs stand by. Anyone remember please hit... More
15 Nov pic's of Pfc Baumann (goldfish fishie)
I Recently bought a storage unit and found tow big boxes of slides most seem to be in Korea. It has a letter inside one of the boxes that say's: Korea in pictures 1964 Camp Howze, Korea. And has a description of lots of diffrent buildings and people around 1964 At a part in the description it... More
28 Sep B Company 122 Signal Bn. 1978-1981 Korea (Stephen Supek)
Looking for anyone that served during 1978-1981 contact ssupek@wavecable.com
24 Sep comm center in a cave (carl selby)
I arrived at Camp Howze early in 67. The comm center was still being built near Div Hq and we worked from an old bunker up on the hill. Was pretty weird but as long as we kept the generators running we could communicate., Warren Mitchell knows what i am talking about
06 Sep was at camp howez 68-69 (Charles Coates)
I was at cp howez with 122rd sig, 68-69
06 Aug Pictures of Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
does anyone have pictures of Camp Howze or Camp Casey they could e-mail me ? MY E- Mail haggis_01@live.com
06 Aug Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
I meant the 122nd , Iwas with the 124th in Nam 67-69
06 Aug Camp Howze (Francis Dyer)
I was with the 124th in 1966-67, C0. A supply driver & Clerk then drove for the 1st Sgt. until March of 67 befor going to Nam.
22 Mar FYI (Steve Johnson)
21 Mar reply to Searching for medallion (Mike Woods)
My name is Mike Woods and I was stationed in Korea for quite a few years, do you know which medallion it was? There are unit medallions and company medallions and mission medallions so if you know which company he was in that would help a lot. Regards

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