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Bulletin Board for 99th Signal Battalion

19 Nov where you in moter pool? (salvatore marotta)
at fort tilden
19 Nov 99th signal battalion 497 sig co. (salvatore marotta)
27 Feb Hello James from Sgt D.Conner (Dennis Conner)
At Ease trooper!! Just saw this message , figured I'd say Hello. It's been a long time. I don't remember sending you for a haircut, but you probably needed it. (lol) I left Co D in '74'. In '77 joined 106th NY Air Nat Guard in Westhampton. Best move I ever made. Went to Hawaii,Germany, Spain... More
22 Aug 99th in Philippines (Patricia Madonna Sherry)
My dad was in the 99th and stationed in Mindanao and later I believe the 99th was also in Japan after leaving the Philippines. Do you have any information on this? Pat Sherry
11 Jul 99th sig bn ft tilden (William Santucci)
i joined in april 78 and when i got assigned to the 99th they were in the process of moving to floyd bennett field, they have since disbanded the 99th. there is a facebook page with a lot of members if you havent already tryed ther. hope this helps.
14 Jan Israel (Shel Feldman)
I think i remember you, i was Co C 71-77
01 Dec 99th sig bn ft tilden (stephen myers)
I was in the 99th from 1970-1776, what happened to this unit? are they still in existence at another fort, or have they been disbanded?
22 Sep 99th Signal Battalion Co B--Southern Philippi (Opal Dykes)
My father was in Company B 99th Signal Battalion--Don't know much but have some pictures, one of the whole Company-I assume. He died in 1960 apparently not knowing he got any medals. I just found his Discharge Papers and am in the process of getting his medals for him. Any info would be great to... More
09 Jan yes (louis monaco)
im louis i served from 84 to abt 89,,,i came to visit after 2000 and the 99th was not there,,,hope i can find old friends even though i moved to florida..
08 Jul sgt (israel rivera)
retired 1996 co. c 99th signal flyod bennet field brooklyn ny now residing near tampa fl.

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