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Bulletin Board for 73rd Signal Battalion

24 Oct I was in CRB during 70 - 71 (Tim Busch)
I remember the ammo dump and POL being hit.
24 Oct I worked at the Commcenter in 70 & 71. (Tim Busch)
I left prior to Joe arriving, but knew Jim Barry and Dan (Crusher) Kushner well. I am not aware of what happened after I left. Could you please let me know what happened?
23 Oct Cam Ranh Bay 510th Signal Company (Tim Busch)
I was assigned to 510th Signal Company / Cam Ranh Support Detachment (commcenter) during 1970 & 1971. Would like to hear from others who were there.
23 Oct I served in CRSD and 510th Signal (Tim Busch)
I served in Cam Ranh Bay in 70 and 71. 510th Signal Company / Cam Ranh Support Detachment. I would like to learn more about the April 1972 Sapper Attack that killed several of my friends.
12 Apr cook mass hall (nathan blackwell)
we went to dalat ever week number one
15 Jan Served in Cam Ranh 1969 (Eric Alm)
Served in Cam Ranh almost every day of 1969. HHD S2
06 Dec Vietnam Signal Site slideshow (Pr'Line Mtn) (Jeff Drake)
I have been collecting photos for some years from veterans who were stationed on Pr'Line Mountain, outside of Dalat, during the Vietnam War. The US site was active from 1966-1972. I was stationed there from 1970-1972. The slideshow is on Youtube at:... More
03 Dec 73rd - 7th DPU 86-89 (James Kuss)
Hey, I was in the 7th DPU 86-89.
14 Nov 7th DPU 86-89 (James Kuss)
Hey, looking for anyone from 73rd Sig Germany! JK
18 Oct Did you serve at Cam Ranh Bay 1969-1971 (Debbie Barton)
Looking for those who served with the 73rd Signal Battalion at Cam Ranh Bay from 1969-1971. About 20 of the guys have reconnected are having a reunion, and would love to find more of the guys they served with. Hoping to hear from you.

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