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Bulletin Board for 73rd Signal Battalion

14 Sep Bob D'Angelo ( )
This is Buckley. How can I contact you? Several of us have gotten together and would love for you to join the group.
28 Aug HHD 73rd signal battalion ( )
I also served at that location from Jan 68-sept 68 remember Craig sgt Ramirez and Buckley my name is Bob D'Angelo
14 Apr CRB (Tim Busch)
Hi Larry, Sorry it took soooo long to reply, but I have not really looked at the web site lately. I left CRB in Nov. 71 and really never looked back. I lost four friends there in April of 72 when some sappers paid a visit. Great to know you are doing well. Hope to hear more from you soon. Tim
12 Apr Chief Sellars (Michael Stevens)
I was a young staff Sgt. Assigned to the ASC 1971-1976. Worked as 72G in operations and had secondary mos 32D and worked in tech control. Would love to hear from you - my email is Chief.Stevens@yahoo.com.
09 Feb CRB 1971 (Lawrence Bakucz)
Hello Tim, sorry it took so long to reply, I think I remember you, I was the company clerk for the guys up the mountain, there was Captain Arthur Ben Morris, and a really heavy set master Sargent, there was a guy named Walter from California and Denny. Trying to remember a lot more things but I... More
13 Jul Pirmasens ASC 73-76 (Ellis Sellars)
i was OIC ASC Maintenance during the period 73-76, also maintenance officer 73rd Sig Bn S-3. CW3 Ret.
13 Jun Hi Larry (Tim Busch)
We were up on the mountain just below hill 184. I worked in the communications center down by the Dial Telephone Exchange. I left RVN in Nov 71.
02 May Member 510 Signal CRB Feb 1970 to Feb 1971 (Robert B Moore)
I was a a 32D that work in "old Control" from Feb 1970 to Feb 1972 interested in hearing from former members of the 510th.
19 Feb CRB, 1971 (Lawrence Bakucz)
Hello Tim, my name is Larry Bakucz, and I was in CRB, in 1971, up the mountain, when the ammo dump was blown up too. Were you down by the bay or up on the mountain? I don't remember to many people from back then and am trying reach out. Thanks Larry
24 Jan Reunion 73rd Signal Battalion (Debbie Barton)
Tim, please respond to w8ibt.debbie@gmail.com as I don't check this very often. I had actually forgotton I had a message on this site. We are having a reunion in Pigeon Forge, April 2015. I would love to hear from you. My husband, Denis, served from June 69 to Dec 70. Debbie Barton

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