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Bulletin Board for 43rd Signal Battalion

28 Dec Dave Dommel (Dave Dommel)
To Glenn Teeter I went there at the same time. Around mothers day, with ten or so other guys from Ft Gordon. All 72b20s. Hope you reply. My email is krazedommel@yahoo.com
22 Aug Glenn Teeter (Glenn Teeter)
May 67 - May68 Pleiku , Worked in Com Center 43rd Sig Bn. Was Spec 4, Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Email: Glenndtee@aol.com
19 Aug delat (Jack Burrage)
To anyone who was in dalat april 67.
22 Mar Julie Wilcox!!!!!!! (Jeffrey Kay)
Contact Me... Jeff Kay... jeffokay60@yahoo.com Hope you're doing well... Miss them days of 181 gal... You and the others from the unit were wonderful... Miss you much.. jeff out
14 Mar Did I know you? (Julie Wilcox)
I was in the 181st at the same time you were. Do you have black hair?
07 Mar 181st (Julie Wilcox)
I think I remember you. Wilcox.
07 Mar Charles R (Charles R. Rice)
Looking for anyone in the 181st from 88-91. I like to think I was well known, and hope Im remembered.
19 Feb Angel Pabey (Carl Oyler)
Looking for someone that can verify some stressors for our client Angel Pabey, who is filing for PTSD claim. I am an investigator for a law firm that handles VA cases. Pabey was in "E" Co, 43rd Sig Bn starting later part of '69. He was a radio opr to begin with & later trk driver. My email is... More
07 Feb Ban Me Thuot (Alan Paxton)
I was with the old 43rd in Ban Me Thuot from July '66 to June '67. Lookin' to contact any of the old guys. Morales, Mitchell, Davis, Alt, Wagley, Ferrari, etc. After Ban Me Thuot I swore to get out of the Army but low and behold I spent the next 40 years 20 Active and 20 Guard. Al Paxton,... More
29 Jan Ray Fraley (Raymond Fraley)
Hello and welcome home fellow 43rd. Nam Vet., I doubt We ever met but I did pay a visit to Anke in 69 or 70. My older Bro. was stationed there with a chopper unit that came there from Ft. Riley Kansas, at that time I was at Pleiku with 278th Sig. Co. attached to the 4th Div. Camp Enari, Dragon... More

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