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Bulletin Board for 43rd Signal Battalion

13 Apr And I threw a pair boots up there myself (Ron Krenzel)
Joy and I are doing fine, our son is now in the Navy. We have 2 other kids, teenagers. I still work for the Army as a civilian at the Pentagon.. ASV& ELM forever... Ron
13 Apr And your sister was Jennifer? (Ron Krenzel)
I thought your were in the 178th. I was on CQ at the time you were I guess visiting your sister...
02 Feb John Cannady (Dave Dommel)
Were you w ith the 278th Sig Co at Camp Enari? Your name really rings a bell. If you are who I think you are I still have some pictures of us and a couple other guys you couldn't help but remember. Email me if you want. krazedommel@Yahoo.com
28 Dec Dave Dommel (Dave Dommel)
To Glenn Teeter I went there at the same time. Around mothers day, with ten or so other guys from Ft Gordon. All 72b20s. Hope you reply. My email is krazedommel@yahoo.com
22 Aug Glenn Teeter (Glenn Teeter)
May 67 - May68 Pleiku , Worked in Com Center 43rd Sig Bn. Was Spec 4, Would like to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Email: Glenndtee@aol.com
19 Aug delat (Jack Burrage)
To anyone who was in dalat april 67.
22 Mar Julie Wilcox!!!!!!! (Jeffrey Kay)
Contact Me... Jeff Kay... jeffokay60@yahoo.com Hope you're doing well... Miss them days of 181 gal... You and the others from the unit were wonderful... Miss you much.. jeff out
14 Mar Did I know you? (Julie Wilcox)
I was in the 181st at the same time you were. Do you have black hair?
07 Mar 181st (Julie Wilcox)
I think I remember you. Wilcox.
07 Mar Charles R (Charles R. Rice)
Looking for anyone in the 181st from 88-91. I like to think I was well known, and hope Im remembered.

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