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Bulletin Board for 33rd Signal Battalion

10 Nov howardlford@aol.com (Howard Ford)
was at fort richardson from 1969 to 1973 worked fixed and field was teletype repair/am-fm radio
10 Nov chriss brown (christopheer brown)
looking for mem.of fxd sig ops sou. from 1969 to july 1971.worked in bldg 1
16 Aug Fixed Signal Co South (Mack Adams)
Was sationed at Fort Richardson 1970-1971
10 Mar Co. B 33rd Sig Bn Sgt. J H Turner (James H Turner)
I was a Sgt. in Co. B 4th Plt. My room mate was Sgt. Alvin C Yates. I spent 2 years in the unit from Nov. 68 to Nov. 70. I had a wild time there and enjoy most of it. ( THE COLD I DIDN'T LIKE) Capt. Mike Kraus was my Co. Comander. Back then we called him THE OLD MAN. He was a good Guy. It was an... More
22 Jan I Remember Capt Castro (David Higgins)
You mentioned your hf platoon. I was in the wire platoon. I dont remember us having actual numbered companies. Left there in 63. Have tried to find some of the other guys. When I go there in 62 there were seveal guys that got extended due to Berlin, boy they were not happy!
08 Jun sfc R N Boldon RET (Ronnie Boldon)
Looking for anyone that was @ Fort Richerson,Alaska in Co. B 33rd signal BN from feb 64 till Aug 1965. My e-mail is rboldon@comcast.net I was a PFC @ that time.
04 Aug Anyone else (Ed Schwing)
no...havent heard from anyone else that was there with us...Ive tried a facebook search for Danny Norman and a few more but no luck...
05 Jul CO of 33ed (David Banker)
And following LTC Ford, the commander was a very good guy, LTC Albert Cervini
03 Jul Painting (carl mcfadden)
I remember Gene's mural . It's been a long time since I've even thought about it . Any word from Gene or anyone from Tropo ?
10 Jun Woodleys painting (tom hopely)
I have a picture of the mural Gene painted in the day room. I was in Tropo with SGT Wasem. just joined and can post if site allows

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