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Bulletin Board for 33rd Signal Battalion

22 Nov lookin for friend (Johnny Brady)
Looking for Ronnie Bustamani was there from 71 in motor pool. Godfather of my son, lived in California.
31 Mar Unit Member Passed Away (Ed Schwing)
Heard from the brother of Sp/4 Dewayne "Ole"Ohlson,of McCook Ne that he passed away from cancer.He was in LRRP of the 21st in the middle 70's. I last heard from him in 2007 or so,living in Omaha Ne.He ran with John (PK)Adkins of Tenn and Wayne Macri of Ma. RIP
31 Mar Co A/B:33rd Sig Bn (Ed Schwing)
In Aug 74 when I arrived,the 33rd was composed of the 21st and 57th Sig Co's....A Bn Commander named David Cordonnier tried to call them A/B Company in the name of unit cohesion but it wasnt official. While there,my CO's were John Oliver,Chris Fornecker and the one when I DEROSed in Nov 76 I dont... More
10 Nov howardlford@aol.com (Howard Ford)
was at fort richardson from 1969 to 1973 worked fixed and field was teletype repair/am-fm radio
10 Nov chriss brown (christopheer brown)
looking for mem.of fxd sig ops sou. from 1969 to july 1971.worked in bldg 1
16 Aug Fixed Signal Co South (Mack Adams)
Was sationed at Fort Richardson 1970-1971
10 Mar Co. B 33rd Sig Bn Sgt. J H Turner (James H Turner)
I was a Sgt. in Co. B 4th Plt. My room mate was Sgt. Alvin C Yates. I spent 2 years in the unit from Nov. 68 to Nov. 70. I had a wild time there and enjoy most of it. ( THE COLD I DIDN'T LIKE) Capt. Mike Kraus was my Co. Comander. Back then we called him THE OLD MAN. He was a good Guy. It was an... More
22 Jan I Remember Capt Castro (David Higgins)
You mentioned your hf platoon. I was in the wire platoon. I dont remember us having actual numbered companies. Left there in 63. Have tried to find some of the other guys. When I go there in 62 there were seveal guys that got extended due to Berlin, boy they were not happy!
08 Jun sfc R N Boldon RET (Ronnie Boldon)
Looking for anyone that was @ Fort Richerson,Alaska in Co. B 33rd signal BN from feb 64 till Aug 1965. My e-mail is rboldon@comcast.net I was a PFC @ that time.
04 Aug Anyone else (Ed Schwing)
no...havent heard from anyone else that was there with us...Ive tried a facebook search for Danny Norman and a few more but no luck...

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