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Bulletin Board for 18th Engineer Brigade

27 Jun looking (Robert Woodford)
looking for anyone who was in the 497 engr co pc in the years 1965 to 1967 at cam rahn send to email address robert woodford @comcast.net
22 Jun S-4 Sgt.299th C Bn.Hq@Hq. (Don Branford)
Hi,The 299th was the best of the best. Sgt Don Branford. My jeep read Mother Tucker.
05 Jun 59th LC Bushwackers (Tim Botts)
Check us out at www.geocities.com/ramblerky
04 Jun 59th Landclearing Co (Tim Botts)
Anyone that was with this unit or knows someone who was, please contact me ramblerky@yahoo.com Tim Botts
29 May Been to Dalat (Carl Bailey)
Mike, I was with the 577th BN near Dalat (70 thru 71). I got to go to Dalat 1 time. I have talked with 1 other person with the 577th aqbout a year ago. He was in another HQ company. I was in D company. What year were you there? Take care, its good to talk to people who have been there.
24 Apr Joe Schultz (David Drummond)
Hi, my name is Dave Drummoind (167th Sig Co, 1970 in An Khe and Pleiku and other great spots). Met a fellow tonight by the name of Joe Schultz who served with the 937th Eng in Pleiku in 68-69. He doesn't have email but can be reached through me at david.drummond@us.army.mil. I think it would be... More
22 Apr 687th lcc of the 18 th Brigade Viet Nam (Lester Longley)
Come visit our new web page, please sign in. comments welcome. http://687thlandclearing.homestead.com/
12 Apr veitnam 67 (Clare Brooks)
looking for anyone that served with me at AN KHE IN THE 7OTH ENGENEERS COMPANY C..........AND ALSO TRANSFREED FROM THE 14TH ENG. BN. CO. C IN CAM RHAN BAY
11 Apr William Grammer wgrammer@comcast.net (William Grammer)
I was in 630 th Engr. Co.(LE) 1965to1966 has eny boby got eny info on the 630th we were att to the 18th Engr.Brigade VN
18 Mar Mike Mitchell DaLat (Thomas Halpin)
Hello Brother I was with the 610th Engineer Co. attached to 87th Engineer Battalion we wer in DaLat I also am having a problem with PTSD proving a Stressor e-mail or call me cell phone 508-509-8592 Home 508-823-2755 e-mail tomtdhassociates@comcast.net Thanks Brother Lay... More

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