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Bulletin Board for 577th Engineer Battalion

28 Aug Co. b, 577 engr ( )
Hi John my name is Jerry VanCleve,,,When I was assigned to Bravo Co. we were at the Korean Compound, and moved to Vung Ro Bay I was with the Co. from Apr 68 to Apr 69, I was one of thirteen that was wounded the nite that Ssg Calvin Young was killed... I will be At the 577 engr bn reunion in... More
22 Aug still serving (Jimmie Bates)
I was assigned to the 577th after basic training in Jan. 1966. They were at harmony church, Ft. Benning Ga.In July 1966 we packed up and went to Vietnam by ship and we landed in Viet Nam on July 30th. (23 dya trip on the ocean) After being in Nam for about 5 months about half the unit personnel... More
17 Jul Harve a line (Rudi Donschikowski)
My email is rdonschikowski@gmail.com
17 Jul Tom Rogers (Rudi Donschikowski)
Was there email me at rdonschikowski@gmail.com. I am also looking for Vincent Rodrigues.
12 Jun Sp4 Carlos Alonso 577 Bravo HQ plt 68/69 (carlos alonso)
I'm also looking for George Molina we met at in the compound building QL1, our HQ was at in Tuy-Hoa, we use to hang around together, he taught me the 290s the graders front loaders, etc we were drinking partners. If you know or happen to come accross his whereabouts just give me a buzz... More
17 Apr remember (mattie golden)
remember louis thompson in 1957 and cj johnson
27 Mar To Jim Fishel (Harvey Ledger Jr)
My name is Harv Ledger. I was a Spc.5 in 1st. Plt. B. Co. from July 69 - oct. 70. Were you an E-5 Sgt. Just came in from N.C.O. school. with another E-5 Sgt. great big guy? We called you guys Sgt. Mouse and Sgt. Moose!! I was best friends with Gary "Polock" Nowaczyk I still see him as we both live... More
25 Mar To Tom Smith (Harvey Ledger Jr)
I see you mentioned you liv in Michigan. So do I. Also, one of my best friends from Nam lives in Saganaw. Spc5 Gary Nowaczyk "Polock" He was there in 70 - 71 also when they moved down the road. I went home in Oct 70. Drop me a line if you see this. Harv www.harvey0124@comcast.net
25 Mar Looking for George Molina (Harvey Ledger Jr)
George; My name is Harv Ledger. I was a Sp.5 in Sept 70, B Co. 577Th. I was running a crew from 1st. Plt. We were building a new maintainance shed in the motor pool so they could get dozers and 290s inside when the rain started. We had a mortor attack late in the afternoon. I had less than a month... More
23 Mar Hey Rudiger (Harvey Ledger Jr)
Hi Rudy; My name is Harv Ledger. I was in your plt. I remember Sgt Rufner (Basil You and Murf the electrition, used to call him), and Basil always called you Ski. I came in, in July 69, (2 weeks after Roger Bunton)(we still talk every once in a while), and left Oct of 70. I ran the air compressor... More

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