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Bulletin Board for 577th Engineer Battalion

14 Feb 7-brove D co. (earl keen)
does eny one remember the land clearing op. jan 69 to mar. then we changed to the 589th
10 Jan to lindy parret (donnerdr2000@yahoo.com young)
you were with me,lance and cambell when we made are under cover mission into the village for a chicken dinner werent you
10 Jan don young (donnerdr2000@yahoo.com young)
i remember a sgt flemmons in tuy hoa he was motor pool sgt
10 Jan don young , sweed storjhons best buddy (donnerdr2000@yahoo.com young)
i remember sweed ,sarg dumo ,lance ,altman,tt smith, to mention some of the short time shuffle crew
25 Oct to any on (John Maddy)
I was with C Co in 1971 am trying to locate anyone who was also there at that time
14 Apr To George Molina (carlos alonso)
Thank God I've found you man, we were the craziest sobs singing at top of the tents drinking curvoiser and whatever we find until the wee hours. Remember the time we made a check point out by the compound and confiscated most of what the Vietnamese got from us, and then the LT told us to stop... More
20 Mar My email harve (Rudi Donschikowski)
My email rdonschikowski@gmail.com
11 Mar To Rudi Donschikowski (Harvey Ledger Jr)
Rudi I dont have an Email add. for you. Harv Ledger. harvey0124@comcast.net
22 Jan Email me harve (Rudi Donschikowski)
A lot to remember. Let's talk
26 Dec Anyone in C Co. of 577th in Duc Trong 69-70 (kenneth edwards)
Does anyone Remember Sgt Kenneth Edwards of C Co. 577th engineer battalion from 69-70 in Duc Trong? If so please email me ...joeedwards3232@gmail.com.

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