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Bulletin Board for 469th Engineer Battalion (Aviation)

12 May 1st Sgt HQ (Frank Martucci)
When I was there? It was Wingate.
11 Apr hello out there (Danny Patella)
I'm Danny Patella. I was a 62E out in Caven Point. My time with the 469th > was short but dam I had had a grate time. Had a blast down in Panama in > 93. Just wanted to see who's out there and see what's up
08 Dec Hello frank (Roy Cuff)
Remember me Roy A. cuff .Worked as a cook in the 80s
27 Aug Served fron 1979 to 1985 (Eugene Oconnor)
I served with the 469th Engineer Batl. Was with battalion maintnace.
20 Jul the password...... (Ian Waldron)
Getting the password for the 469th Eng BT (combat heavy) group For some reson its just like the AGR meetings on firday night just befor drill weekend. "Someone has the key!!! Let us in Frank!" Ok i'm just bus'in balls the groups gettin bigger. its grat to see you guys. Oh. Can anyone... More
16 May Hello All (David Harris)
My name is David Harris I served in Co D and Co A ( after they chnaged it ) from 1983 to 1996. I was a cook and a plumber, one end of the job to the other. Keep myself in bussness you could say. I was mainly at dover but was sent to JC for a summer camp to help them out in the mess section.... More
14 Aug 469th engr Bt. Cb hy 1989 - 1995 (Ian Waldron)
469th eng. bn in caven point was quick sivered in 1994, i was in that same unit, from 1989 - 1995. That was the most combat ready unit back then HOOooo RAaaaa !!! Sp4 Waldron
04 Aug 469 ENGR. BT. CBT HVY (George Probasco)
I was with this unit from 1985 to 1993. I was a 62E20. Also crosstrained as a tractor trailer operator by my pal ken.....
13 Jun Fmr 469 th (Ken Kiernan)
I served in 469th Eng Bravo Company at Ft Dix. I served in the Horizontal Platoon under SFC Donald Sessoms and SSG James Alexander. I stayed until 1990 then transferred to the Air Force Reserve and served as a Flight Medic until ETS in 1993. I loved serving under all the commanders except our CSM... More
09 May 469th Engr Bn (CBT HVY) (Frank Martucci)
Former 1stSgt A Co. 469th Engrs Cbt Hvy, station at Caven Pt, JC,NJ. Looking for MEMBERS - FROM 1960-65--1970s-1988. Hopefully you guys and girls (Ladies) are still around.

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