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Bulletin Board for 249th Engineer Battalion

24 Dec Merry Christmas (Randy Lee)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all my friends of the 249th.
03 Sep Deployment to Desert Storm (Falesoga Titialii)
Looking for anyone that has a copy of orders to deploy to Desert Storm Dec 1990 in the 249th Engineer.
06 Aug jack panek (Jack Panek)
reunion coming up sept.6 thru the 8th in dayton ohio . we will be at the dayton fairborn holiday inn . we will be touring paterson air base and museum . make plans and be there for somegood times
06 Aug jack panek (Jack Panek)
hey when you find him -bring him to the reunion in sept.
06 Aug jack panek (Jack Panek)
robert , i was in d co. 61- 64 . did you know dave bowers and lil freddie fucet , they were radio guys in d co . were having a reunion the 6th of sept. in dayton ohio , dayton fairborn holliday inn , for all the 249th .
06 Aug jack panek (Jack Panek)
was over there 61- 64 chamblay air base . come to the reunion sept. 6th in dayton ohio and you will hear a lot about the 249th sept 6th thru the 8th dayton fairborn holiday inn
20 Jul Prime Power (David Peal)
I am a Black Lion. I was in the BN from 88 to 91.We were deactivated in Saudi after. When did the unit come back into service getumba@yahoo.com
11 Jul Sent you an email. (Linda Brown)
Always remember the Hill in Knieligen
07 Apr 249th history project (Adam Konkle)
i am currently assigned to the 249th EN BN and am on a quest to collect every 249th EN BN black lions Prime Power coin made. If anyone here has such a coin and is willing to donate or sell it please contact me. If i am successful in this quest i will build a coin display and donate it to the... More
23 Feb Message to Robert Bisarek (Stephen Andersen)
Robert, It appears that we were in the same company at Etain during my stay in '62-'63. I was a draftsman in S-3. Dang my fading memory....I do not recall your name. My closest friends were: the Bn. Photographer Miguel Ugalde, Draftsman Leo Willie, and Surveyors Butler, Zavik, Wilkinson, Brady,... More

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