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Bulletin Board for 169th Engineer Battalion

27 Aug B Co 169th Eng.Bn. (dave Briggs)
Hello Mike, you must have been my replacement i was the mail clerk at Xuan Loc until April 69. remember Mike, Burdick and Jerry Green who had was a old time when i came to country in 68.
10 Aug Xuan Loc and Phuc Lam 1969-1970 Co. B (Michael Van Wasshnova)
Hello, I was the mail clerk at Co. B from April 1969 to March 1970 I would like to contact anyone who was there during that time. A few of the guys I remeber are Mark Davis, who was Capt Terry's driver, Mike Chandler, a guy named Burdick, a guys from hamilton, Ohio with the last name of... More
05 Sep Engr statue at the 169th EB Long Binh gate (Len Ignatowski)
I am writing the history of the QL-20 road building: > Need photos of initial road condition >Construction of the crooked bridge *** Last mystery: The source and disposal of the engineer statue at the front gate of the Long Binh HQ. Most veterans do not remember it, but I have a photograph... More
19 Dec Larry (Donald Tronson)
I remember you My name is Donald Tronson.I was burned really bad and you took care of me,it happened right when we were taking those rabbies shots.OUCH My email ie dltronson@juno.com
20 Nov Hello Old buddy (Tony Respess)
This is the guy they call bear. I was with you during 1969-70. I was a motorgrader operator/dozzer. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
31 Oct James Walls (john cain)
Its been 43 years Walls. Werent youa medic?
31 Oct c company (john cain)
I remember the shots and I remember Walls. I was a grader operator for c company mar 69 to mar 70
03 Aug Hello (Tony Respess)
Hello Doc, I was in D company on the river. I was a heavy equipment dozier operator/ motorgrator. My bunker was 2 too the right of the latrine. Shafer, Earl Forhand, Terry Jener was in my bunker. We also has so call mess hall and showers in the compound. Please feel free to contact me back.... More
24 Jun allen bell (Sidney Bell)
I was with B Co. 169th from May, '69 to Nov, '70 and I am looking for grid coordinates or map references of the location of B Co at Xian Loc and phuong Lam aka Castle in the Sky. If you have any of this could you please send it to me. Also, i have a few pictures of my time on the hill if you... More
07 Jun deary ( )
Did you know a Sgt. Truman Deary over there?

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