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Bulletin Board for 169th Engineer Battalion

13 Aug 169th Engeneers C company Lt Truck Mechanic . ( )
My name is Ed, I was at Long Bien C company,1968 Lt Truck Mechanic , I'm Hispanic, I worked on Jeeps, 3/4 ton, deuce in a half, mostly. I was good friends with a diesel fuel driver I called him Bird,He called me Jose! At the last of our tour1969, We moved to Xuan Loc. Bird and I went 1 a.m. to... More
30 Jan 64C20 Truck Driver I was a SP/4 (William Mickey)
My name is William Mickey Stationed at Long Bien 1968-1969 looking for anybody there during that time it was during TET I drove a 10 ton truck with lowboy, I remember we paved highway 1 & to keep it open. Trying to locate anybody that was over their during that time. William... More
30 Jan 64C20 Truck Driver 1968-1969 during TET (William Mickey)
My name is William Mickey I was a SP/4 in A Company during the TET 1968-1969 were you their during this time. I was stationed at Long Bien
23 Oct Memories (dave Briggs)
WOW, great to hear from you and the memories of driving to Long Ben. I think I was the only Spec 4 with a Spec 5 driver, Top was always concerned about getting his mail. On my daily trip I would pickup mail, movie and soda. the soda I would sell at the movie showing but had to discontinue I ... More
12 Oct Mail clerk replacement (Michael Van Wasshnova)
Hi Dave, It is very good to hear from you. I have thought about you for over 40 years. What I remember about the guy I replaced is that he was from Needham. Mass. Before he left, he, the driver of our vehicle and I were on the highway toward Long Bien to pick-up the mail and a movie. The... More
01 Sep The "Farm" - Rock Quarry, Crusher Site, Asphu (David Bartholomew)
I think that by the time I was there it was assigned to D Co in the 169th, or was that C Co. A banana plantation was all around it. I spent a few nights there.
01 Sep There for QL20 in '71 (David Bartholomew)
I was a 62B20 in A Co. at Long Bien. Worked in the motor pool and also escorted convoys to C and D Companies. Helped move C Co. up the road. People called me Birdlegs.
01 Sep Are many people here from A Co? (David Bartholomew)
I'm from A Company and worked in the motor pool or escorted convoys up QL 20 in 1971. We had some fun there. I wish I had some pictures to share somewhere, but they were all lost. I went by the name "Birdlegs", not that I tell many people.
27 Aug B Co 169th Eng.Bn. (dave Briggs)
Hello Mike, you must have been my replacement i was the mail clerk at Xuan Loc until April 69. remember Mike, Burdick and Jerry Green who had was a old time when i came to country in 68.
10 Aug Xuan Loc and Phuc Lam 1969-1970 Co. B (Michael Van Wasshnova)
Hello, I was the mail clerk at Co. B from April 1969 to March 1970 I would like to contact anyone who was there during that time. A few of the guys I remeber are Mark Davis, who was Capt Terry's driver, Mike Chandler, a guy named Burdick, a guys from hamilton, Ohio with the last name of... More

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