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Bulletin Board for 87th Engineer Battalion

01 Jan Querry about Lt. Cooper (Kevin Nguyen)
My Mother-In-Law, Cam Hoang, had a good friend, Leutenant Cooper, back then in 1968 when she worked as a clerk typist at the same office with him. Now after 30+ years living in Texas, she wonders how it is going with Lt. Cooper. My Mother-In-Law always say Lt. Cooper is such a good man and good... More
11 Dec Sorry to have missed the Reunion: (Duane Sanders)
I regret deeply,that I was unable to attend the reunion at Ft.Leonard Wood. I sincerely hope all went well. Miss you all,My Brothers. Lay Hold,And God Bless you. Duane(Sandy) Sanders.
06 Dec C company 67-68 (kenneth pressley)
I was a member of company C based out of Cam Rahn Bay from April 1967 to April 1968. I worked in the mess hall as a cook. Made the first trip to Song Pha in November of 1967. I left mid January of 1968 on the convoy to Da Lat to be there for Tet. Is there anyone else that was from Charlie... More
17 Nov C Co 87th Engr Bn 1965 (Harry Westman)
Looking for some one that may remember me @ Cam Rahn Bay. Unloaded & loaded a lot of cement bags. I still rememeber one of our members intalling a shark barrer so we could get our feet wet.I was in the 87th eng battalion Co (C)
31 Oct PFC LARRY W. JONES (larry Jones sr)
I was in Company A 87th,
13 Oct Reunion Oct. 2012 Ft. Lenoaed Wood (Dave Johnson)
Photo's of the reunion are posted on the battalion's Facebook page.
10 Oct Reunion Oct. 2012 Ft. Lenoaed Wood (Dave Johnson)
Members of the 87th. Engineer Alumni Association and their families; wish to thank Col. Barry K. Williams ( Assistant Commandant US Army Engineer Regiment), Capt. Michael Linton ( Staff officer 554th. En. Bn.)- Escort Officer, Regimental Command Sargent Major Terrence Murphy, Staff Sargent Santos... More
26 Sep Members of 87th. Engr.Bn. 1960 to62 (Howard Richardson)
I am looking for members of Company "A" 87th. Engr. Bn. That were there at Fort Belvoir Va. in 1960 to 62. I know that many may be dead or old and don't use the computer. But if any are out there e-mail me at hrichardson1@carolina.rr.com Thanks Howard Richardson
14 Sep 102Eng. Co. (cs) 65-66 Camn Ranh Bay (ron nichols)
I would like to know when the 102 eng. co. (cs) was deactivated and where. Actually any info about 102 nd. from 1965 to deactivation. I operated a 40 ton P&H shovel front crane at both the 864 th and 102nd. quarry 1965-66.I also ran a Hough wheel mounted scoop loader. 102 nd was on the hill up... More
10 Sep Need your help (Bruce Fonnest)
Guys I'm setting up a Honor Roll Book for all of our fallen brothers the problem that I have is I need names so that I can get the info from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial page and the the Vietnam Veterans Memorial fund home page. I would like to get as many names as possable before our reunion next... More

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