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Bulletin Board for 20th Engineer Battalion

16 Jul Not confused (Denny Buck)
At one point the 20th Engineer Battalion was with the 20th EN BDE out of Ft. Bragg. Just like any other seperate Bn we could be assigned to any Bde during Combat or Natioinal Emergencey.
04 Jun LZ Weight Davis (Alan Stahl)
LZ Weight Davis We had a asphalt Plant there and We build a lot of C huts for the ROK soldiers. We lived athe bottom of the hill in a bunker
04 Jun Weight davis (Alan Stahl)
I was in weight Davis in late 70. My squad leader was Sgt Herzog from ACo.
28 May brothers (John Nielsen)
this memorial day let us not forget the over 58,044 brothers who never returned . vietnam 59-75
14 Apr lz wade davis (Daniel Goode)
where are you members recon plt sgt daniel j goode here still looking
13 Feb From 20th. Engineer Battalion (Howard Mathison)
I was in D Co., 2nd. platoon at wieght davis form Sep. 70 to I think Jan. 71. Then to LZ Lonely till we had to get out of their after the Siege of Phu Nhon in April I think it was. If you google Siege of Phu Nhon you will see what happened.
13 Feb LZ weight davis (Howard Mathison)
It was called LZ Weight Davis, I was their in 70-71 and then in early 71 LZ Lonely.
10 Dec I was there (David Stringfield)
I was there i 1971 with B co I think I liked engr hill better
10 Nov pleiku (John Nielsen)
hello mike i was with the 20th at this time i was in c company i was a squad leader we were at weigh- davis and on the road for a while.
09 Nov For all my Brothers (Dan Miller)
I have had difficulty with this for 39 years, how to spell the name of the LZ just south of Plieku, were the 20th, 584th, et al were stationed. It was named after two soldiers who were killed: Robert Scott Davis and Stephen Lenn Weigt, both killed on the same day. Thus the proper name for that LZ... More

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