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Bulletin Board for 20th Engineer Battalion

30 May JOHN DAVIS (john davis)
I was in B co from April 1968 to July 1970 (Tallahassee)
30 May sp5 John Davis (john davis)
I served with Bco 20th Engr Bn from Apr 68- Jul70
05 Apr weight davis (John Nielsen)
hello tex ! was there 69-70 c company 20 th eng. out of davis we did the mine sweeping out of the base for a while before we hit the road .
05 Apr Wooly Bully-584th Engr Co (LE) (David Dodson)
Nov. 68-Sept. 70: Crane Operator/290 and Convoy Commander from Weight Davis to Pleiku. Welcome home to all my brothers in arms. We all did a lot of work in a short time that history has not told. I am proud to have served with all and have never forgotten! "Tex"
06 Jan lz wd (David Stringfield)
Been there done that 70-72 DS.
17 Nov visit unit pages (Rodney Brewer)
■507th Engineer Firefighting Team ■557th Engineer Firefighting Team ■Forward Support Company ■510th Engineer Company (Sapper) ■59th Engineer Company (Heavy Mechanized) ■572nd Engineer Company (Heavy Mechanized)
11 Nov veterans day 2010 (John Nielsen)
i salute all my brothers today and every day!
24 Aug Arlington at Christmas (Rodney Brewer)
Arlington at Christmas Rest easy, sleep well my brothers. Know the line has held, your job is done. Rest easy, sleep well. Others have taken up where you fell, the line has held. Peace, peace, and farewell...
16 Jul Not confused (Denny Buck)
At one point the 20th Engineer Battalion was with the 20th EN BDE out of Ft. Bragg. Just like any other seperate Bn we could be assigned to any Bde during Combat or Natioinal Emergencey.
04 Jun LZ Weight Davis (Alan Stahl)
LZ Weight Davis We had a asphalt Plant there and We build a lot of C huts for the ROK soldiers. We lived athe bottom of the hill in a bunker

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