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Bulletin Board for 11th Engineer Battalion

15 Mar 11 th eng. Ft. Belvoir,86-92, (David Modlin)
anyone on Ft. Belvoir,from 86-92 C co. MDW Funeral Detail
27 Nov DMZ - - AGENT ORANGE (Robert Turner)
I was on the 'z' sometime in later 69' or early 70'. I started itching after mine sweeping along a dirt road that lead to the peace talks building. They diagnosed me unknown skin condition while biviouc there and afterwards. Hope you are OK, but if not you should go to the local VA Hospital and... More
28 Oct mine sweeping on the Z (Robert Turner)
did you know that the DMZ was sprayed with agent orange and other herbicides from 68-69. Hope you are OK. I was Bivoiuc 30 days on the Z searching for land mines as we were to widen and pave the road to the peace talks building. I now have and have had a skin disorder and diabetes type 2. I was... More
25 Aug 1993-1995 (David Lowe)
Looking for some old Army buddies i served with . Pauly Burson .Nick Rin, Thomson we all went to Woodstock in Thomsons lil chevy coup . We drove 18 hours or more to (up state)Saugerties ,Ny. We had a wild time, If any of you guys check this, get back to me, Dave
23 Aug Paniccioli, Chris SPC92G (Chris Paniccioli)
Looking to hear from anyone who served 95-98 HQ or any other CO. e-mail me @ rasta1@gmail.com
15 Jun Remember Camp Brown (John Scala)
I was with Co. B 11th Engr from Jan 67 to Mar 68 at Camp Stanley. Whole Bn. was TDY to 2 Div. area. Co B was set to Camp Brown outside of Yongicol (and RC1) for 6 months to maintain the DMZ roads. Spent 6 months up their until sent back to Camp Stanley. The place looked soo good to get back to.
12 May Korea 11th Enginner Battalion (Robert Turner)
Anyone out there who served at Camp Stanley Korea from June 69' to September 70'? More important, were you on the Bivouac to the DMZ to assist widening the road and blacktopping it. Herbicides were used and I'm looking for veterans involved during that time Peace Thank You
03 May FALLEN HEROES 11TH SAPPERS (Rodney Brewer)
3 MAY 2007, If interested in casualties from 9/11 on and other things; go to the 143rd Sustainment Command main page. Check the message board for posts from me.. Rod.. SFC Paul R. Smith CMoH Awardee must not be forgotten...
20 Feb Looking for EM plt, B co 11th (Tim Turek)
Looking for anyone that was stationed at Ft. Belvoir, EM plt, B co, 11th, from 1985 to 1988. drop me a line at ga26engr@gmail.com.
30 Jan James Ables (James Ables)
D Co 8th Engr BN had a saw mill 1960 and 1961.

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