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Bulletin Board for 11th Engineer Battalion

26 Apr 633rd Engr. Co. (John Stolte)
I was with the 633rd at Camp Stanley, Korea from 8/63 - 9/64. Can anyone tell me if the 633rd is still part of the 11th or if not where it is now? Thanks for any help.
15 Mar dennis hunter (William Griner)
i got camp stanly jn aug of69 ssgt miller was 1plt sgt.the bull was acting first sgt.we were out on road you and i made e5 about the same time iwas thefruntend loader opp .they call me tiny hope to here from you william griner
15 May ssgringel (Ronald Ringel)
to all of you use this its all we have to keep i n contact
19 Apr 1st Lt. Robert L. Borghese, Korean War
Per Instructions left with family, near the end of his life my father Bob Borghese wanted to say goodbye to his friends he served with 1952-54, after a long illness. Like so many from that time, he never said anything, went on with his life (raising 12 children) but always remembered those he was... More
23 Mar tommy (David Modlin)
go to members,u have to go under 11th engineers
23 Mar whats up yucon jack ( )
ok dave i found the site now where is j macdonald
17 Mar no one in a co. (Cecil Blankenship)
1964-1965 camp essayons 5 ton dump truck driver
15 Mar 11 th eng. Ft. Belvoir,86-92, (David Modlin)
anyone on Ft. Belvoir,from 86-92 C co. MDW Funeral Detail
27 Nov DMZ - - AGENT ORANGE (Robert Turner)
I was on the 'z' sometime in later 69' or early 70'. I started itching after mine sweeping along a dirt road that lead to the peace talks building. They diagnosed me unknown skin condition while biviouc there and afterwards. Hope you are OK, but if not you should go to the local VA Hospital and... More
28 Oct mine sweeping on the Z (Robert Turner)
did you know that the DMZ was sprayed with agent orange and other herbicides from 68-69. Hope you are OK. I was Bivoiuc 30 days on the Z searching for land mines as we were to widen and pave the road to the peace talks building. I now have and have had a skin disorder and diabetes type 2. I was... More

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