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Bulletin Board for 11th Engineer Battalion

05 Jun 902nd SPED (Bill Ulbert)
Hey! Anyone from SPED!
11 Apr galindo, leo (leo galindo)
I think I palyed softball wtih you. you hurt my hand when we warm uped.
29 Dec camp brown (Rich berger)
John remember it well do you remember mess truck being broke into when going slow thru the little village and being empty when it got back to compound
11 Nov 20 ton dump truck section (Ronald Dunlap)
Anyone here at Ft. Belvoir remember 20 ton dump truck section and snow removal detail. SP4 Ron Dunlap here in 1983 to 1984.
05 Nov 11 th eng 902nd eng comp (the duce) (Paul Cheek)
anybody at belvoir from 1985 to 1987 with 902nd eng company ? i was a boat operator with float bridge company down in the basin (River Rats)
24 Sep Steve Roach (Steve Roach)
Yes was at Stanley as acting supply Sgt while we were on bivaouc.
21 Jul Jerry Buquoi Owner: SPIRIT Logo Apparel (Jeromy Buquoi)
Ex Army Engineer 864th ENG BN Ft. Lewis, WA. Medical, Honorable Discharge, SGT. New business owner providing embroidery, screenprinting and full garment line. Nationwide service. Able to supply fundraiser shirts, hats, bags and jackets. If interested visit: spiritla.com or contact: Jerry Buquoi... More
26 Apr 633rd Engr. Co. (John Stolte)
I was with the 633rd at Camp Stanley, Korea from 8/63 - 9/64. Can anyone tell me if the 633rd is still part of the 11th or if not where it is now? Thanks for any help.
15 Mar dennis hunter (William Griner)
i got camp stanly jn aug of69 ssgt miller was 1plt sgt.the bull was acting first sgt.we were out on road you and i made e5 about the same time iwas thefruntend loader opp .they call me tiny hope to here from you william griner
15 May ssgringel (Ronald Ringel)
to all of you use this its all we have to keep i n contact

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