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Bulletin Board for 44th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Missile Battalion

27 Jul spec/4 A& T Nike missile mechanic (tom McDaniel)
I got to Korea April 1964. SFC Bailey, was the Maintance chief. Sgt. Honea was the hyd chief. Love the place. Drank a lot of Oiran beer.
29 Mar Grew up in kimje..korea (william leaisure)
My name is william leaisure..I was at camp echo hill from june of 74 to mid 76..cant seem to get that mockley taste out of my mouth..had fun while I was there..thank you to all who have served..I worked in commo and had a part in the air mobile exersise.where our sgt rhoades rolled off the helipad... More
27 Jan Engineer (William newman)
Did any of you travel thru Vietnam when you finished your tour in Korea in 64-65. I'm looking for anyone who did so I can confirm that route back to the states. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who did. wrnewman2@gmail.com
13 Dec E -4 -44 ( )
I was assigned to Echo Btry. in 1963. Left Korea in Feb.64. At that time there was a shield painted on the wall of the LCR at the Sea Range with the names of two firing crews. Anyone remember seeing that? I did the painting.
01 Oct Echo Hill Site 6 1964-65 (Wayne Fowler)
I was acquisition operator, Echo Hill from April 64-65. We did fire 2 missiles at the time you said you were there at Sea Range. If you would like to kick around old memories, would be fun to hear from you.
01 Oct ECHO Battery Site 6 Korea 64-65 (Wayne Fowler)
I was stationed at Echo battery Site 6, Kimje Korea, April 1964-April 1965. I was a aqusition operator (deluxe). If anyone remembers back that far, would like to hear from you
12 Dec F Battery yearbooks (Michael Lewis)
I was there from 71 till mid 73 as first a radar operator and then the Mtr. Sgt. and was reassigned to A battery till I left in 75. I lost my yearbooks so I sure would appreciate any pictures from them if you have them downloaded.
19 Aug 4/44 (later 2/44)Nike Hercules Sites in Korea (Robert Semple)
Bill, Go to these websites: www.ed-thelen.org (excellent Nike Hercules website w/all battery sites, including Korea) www.nikekimje.tripod.com/howitwasnike.html (my nike battery, 4-4-44, 38th arty brgade, see my photos and narrative among many others). Can't help you on the Hawk sites in... More
04 Sep wrongo ( )
I believe the designation changed from 2 to 4 in 1974
15 Feb fF Battery 4-44 ADA THEN Channged to F- 2-44 (Allen Nash)
I was station at Foxtrot Battery in Moon hawk ( not sure of spelling) from 1972 -1974 I was generation section chief as E4 and still have year books

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