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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 68th Air Defense Artillery

17 Sep A Btry 3/68 ADA (kenneth bennett)
I was in A Battery from 1973-1976 made some good friends while I was down there. If anyone was there at the same time please message me. MSG Ret Dale Bennett
05 Aug A Btry 3/68th ADA (Jesse France)
Any of the old early 70's gang on here. Bob, Danny, Fred, Ski, Charles, George.
07 Jul HQ ( )
My name is George McCoy I was in HQ company from 81 until 84. I remember lots of field duty and .i also remember going to Camp lejune and trying to set up tents in sand.
11 May D 3/68 (Steven Leavitt)
Served at company D from 11/73 to 03/76. 24D. D/c as Spec 5.
11 Mar 3/68 ADA at Homestead AFB (Zane Hollenberger)
It was 31st ADA brigade patch. Red background, yellow border, yellow missile centered, 3 yellow stars to left of missile, one yellow star right of missile
24 Jan Depolyment to Camp Lejeune ( )
Hey I was station in the Delta 3/68th ADA and I remember deploying to Camp Lejeune to fire the Hawk Missile does anyone have a record of that deployment?
21 Dec Bravo/68th ADA Turkey ( )
LT Hunt, Captain Jackson, and many others. I've took my kids to the site.
05 Jun HHB 3/68 ADA patch in Homestead? (Verlin Kinsey)
I am trying to collect all the patches I wore while serving. I just can't remember what the patch we wore while in Homestead was. Can anyone help me?
23 Jan Picture (Jesse France)
How u get a pic to post. Says everything is too large. Little help. ?????
23 Jan A btry 3/68th (Jesse France)
Yep. Wolf and Charles was always at it. . Sgt Munoz was SOG when Fred Butler and I walked Guard all the time. Lt Whitehead and Lt Lawrence. Which one drove the vet and wore the helment. Had a bad crash in school at west point and about died.

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