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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 68th Air Defense Artillery

03 Dec In memory of my dad. RIP CWO3 Carl Peters (C Peters)
At the time I was a young Army Brat. Our family Started out in Germany and than to Camp Kilmer,n El Paso (Ft. Bliss), Bloomington, MN. (Ft. Snelling) and than to Roberts, WI. (MS-20) were my dad retired. We sure were on the move. Being a Army Brat it was great life. Memories of touring the site and... More
10 Oct i was there (charles handy)
i was in from 1981 to 1983 b btry
16 Jun Hdqtrs 3rd Battalion, 68th Air Defense Artill (Frederick Roschow)
Hi Gary, I served two years 1964 to 1966 at Headquarters Como Section in the Block House.near the Mpls/StPaul airport and across from the National Cemetary.Also served with a great bunch of guys. Fred Roschow now in New Hampshire....
09 Jun Patch. (Jesse France)
Anyone know how to locate a unit patch subdued or class A for the 68th ADA. Jesse.pumc@Yahoo.com
09 Jun unit crest (Jesse France)
It actually looked like a flat 45 round. The motto was LOLAMY which was Indian for. Can Do. JESSE FRANCE
28 May gary(crusher) kirchner ( )
I served three years in the middle of a corn field from 1964 to 1967 and had some of the best times of my life with some great guys. battery b was in Farmington Minnesota. if there is anyone out there that remembers that far back, give me a shout out.
22 Feb I was there (Manny Gonzalez)
1974-1976 B/3/68 MOS 24B20 Radar Mech. LT Laratros, LT Gilmore, Gilmore drove a Vet....Hung out with Snow, Speedy from LA, and Freyto.......
04 Feb unit crest '56 - '58 (Myron McGhee)
Can anyone identify the unit crest during years 1956-58? We're building a box of patches and crests in memory of my dad who died last fall. He was a Lt. assigned with 8th Infantry, 23rd AAA & later 3rd Btn, 68th Arty from 1 Feb 56 - 1 oct 58. Any info about possible unit crests would be helpful.
16 Dec Pat Reed (Pat Reed)
Email-preed@sei-security.com Anyone can reach me at this address
16 Dec 2years I will never forget (Pat Reed)
Reading these blogs, it's funny. I was LT. Days jeep driver during our week of playing army games. He had just gotten there a few weeks prior and was really green.Sargent Caldwell was in charge of the 24D20 missile mech. I remember a lot of the guys that came through there, we use to throw all the... More

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