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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 67th Air Defense Artillery

13 Sep With HHB 3/67th ADA from 1974 - 1977 (Mike Whitaker)
Mike Whitaker stationed at Gieb from 1974-1977. I worked in Commo primarily in the Communication Center. Anyone else from that time period. Patrick Smith - I do remember you and your wrecker & cars. Drop me a line at cajeone@yahoo.com.
24 May WILLOZ ? (javier camargo)
19 May dbtry 3/67 (glenn willoz)
i was there from 74 to 76 d-btry......
19 Apr Dbtry 3rd 67th ada (javier camargo)
Shout out to all old gun bunnies and rocket men in Gieb. 74-76 ,great times ,great people,great memories
25 Mar i was in 2 plt same years i was santiago (MANUEL D SANTIAGO)
hi this is pfc Santiago how is this we was in the same platoon in the same years
29 Nov Itching om the USA (David Schwing)
Hello - I know what you mean about skin problems. Water was contaminated and we were told it was okay for bathing. This is life in any combat situation. I was there 68 to 70 and we just did as told. Hardheim Germany.
21 May SSG Skip Davison (Collins Davison)
Was in Gieb from 79 to 82. PSG in Charlie Btry and then by the edict of The Wolf was sent to Delta Btry to work for 1SG Calderon. What a great guy. Ended up working for PSG Bargel when CPT James Armstrong Junior was Commander because we were too stupid to take care of CPT Hartleban. What a FU... More
21 May PSG Bargel? (Collins Davison)
Dude...I can't even begin to believe that you are still alive...but then again...I am! This is Skip Davison. We served in 3/67 together and I was one of your squad leaders. I currently live in Vermont and work at Norwich University one of the Senior Military Colleges as the Director of Corps... More
02 May D Battery 2nd platoon 80-81 (Paul Housinger)
Hey Geib ppl., I was there in stated title above, a few will remember me, and a few wont, but i do believe i had left some kind of legend. A legend that only i could've achieved being a 17 yr old greenie. lol The legend of the Yellow room. lol. Anyone remember that? All the damn partying we did,... More
06 Feb Lost Friends (David Fruhling)
David F. here, again. My address has changed. It is daviddaveinternational@gmail.com Looking for anyone who was there from 1974 to 1976 to swap tales/lies and names. I was 52B20 generator mechanic w/shop in hanger, left side facing big doors. Worked w/ Sidney "Red" Barrett, "Wurt" Wurtenberger,... More

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