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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 67th Air Defense Artillery

17 Sep sostre this is quinones 3/67 chap best (Edgardo Quinones)
send me some pictures. Remember namfi,crete 1981 I had a direct hit ssg reed was the plt sgt and ssg moss was the squad leader . I use to play congas/salsa etc. Hope you are ok and family. ssg quinones retired. hope I can keep in contact and good memories.
17 Jan Contact (Robert Cooper)
If you think you served with me please give a shout.
01 Jan Happy New Year (javier camargo)
Happy New Year to all you ,who served with me in Delta Btry 75-76,remembering all the good times spent in the land of Geib.Take care my brothers in arms.
22 Dec Looking for old friends D btry 3rd 67th 73-76 (glenn willoz)
Looking for Dave Leach or anyone I served with. Email me at mutt@hotmail.com
13 Sep With HHB 3/67th ADA from 1974 - 1977 (Mike Whitaker)
Mike Whitaker stationed at Gieb from 1974-1977. I worked in Commo primarily in the Communication Center. Anyone else from that time period. Patrick Smith - I do remember you and your wrecker & cars. Drop me a line at cajeone@yahoo.com.
24 May WILLOZ ? (javier camargo)
19 May dbtry 3/67 (glenn willoz)
i was there from 74 to 76 d-btry......
19 Apr Dbtry 3rd 67th ada (javier camargo)
Shout out to all old gun bunnies and rocket men in Gieb. 74-76 ,great times ,great people,great memories
25 Mar i was in 2 plt same years i was santiago (MANUEL D SANTIAGO)
hi this is pfc Santiago how is this we was in the same platoon in the same years
29 Nov Itching om the USA (David Schwing)
Hello - I know what you mean about skin problems. Water was contaminated and we were told it was okay for bathing. This is life in any combat situation. I was there 68 to 70 and we just did as told. Hardheim Germany.

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