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Bulletin Board for 2nd Battalion, 61st Air Defense Artillery

23 Jul I still have year book Billy Mosier 1977 (harry thompson)
I was wheel and track mechanic in B btry, July 1977- July 78 " I was a Ralph " anyone remeber the IG inspection
14 Jul at billy moiser 1975-77 (Isiash Mcculler)
we were in the same plattoon
24 May Hey Jim (Mark Miskell)
Mark Miskell here...hope life is treating you good
16 May Reply (James Gouse)
SSG Anderson I was in A Btry form 1980-1981, Supply than transfered to HHB Bn S4 at stanton. Do you remember SSG Michael R. Cantrell? Sgt Gouse here!
27 Mar I was there (Keith Hogeland)
I was in FAAR PLt from apr 80 to apr81
27 Mar Hey Top (Keith Hogeland)
Hello 1sg Its been along time. I remember when you took over Top Spot. You took care of the new Privates in the company. If it Flies, it dies. Sgt Hogeland
23 Sep Sure did (Danny Cox)
I was there and remember it well
23 Sep Guy Anderson ADA (Danny Cox)
I was in Korea 81-82 FRG 85-82 Carson 82-tilll where did I meet you
26 Jul Hi (Ron Murphy)
I was in B.btty, 83 to 84 on Hovey,we did the same thing, swimming those Vulcans was a blast, I was up in the gunner seat, what a view,we had on hell of rain, but seeing that water splashing around the Vulcan and getting pushed in the side was awsome,didnt have my camera on that trip but is always... More
12 Jun platoon sgt Guy Anderson (Guy Anderson)
Hello Tim , how are you doing . hope everthing treating you ok. I live here in El Paso Tx so does Chet Stepney and Tony Wyno. I have been looking for paul winegar do you every here from him. My email is gaguya@sbcglobal.net good to hear from you.

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