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Bulletin Board for 2nd Battalion, 59th Air Defense Artillery

03 Jun Don Platt (Donald Platt)
David I do remember you plus the W4 who ran 280th Ordinance. Our shop was acroos from yours
05 Apr any former members "D" Battery 2/59 72-74 (Donald Platt)
looking for any members serving from 72-74
01 Mar SP4 Little (SAMUEL LITTLE)
I was in Alpha Battery First Platoon as the Gunner on a Vulcan. Got a VA claim that needs someone remembers me. My nickname was the greedyman.
30 Oct Schwabach (Donald Farmer)
In was in alpha battery from 72 to 77
30 Oct Moms (Donald Farmer)
I was in alpha battery from 72 to 77 i used to moms and the butterfly all the time
19 Jul I remember ( Andy Amen here) (Andy Amen)
hello Paul, say hello to our friends. Any info on Dave Berg? email to plantpsychic@gmail.com , looks like you were on here a few years ago. I just ran across this site.
12 Jul Hello (Charles Griffin)
are you the Don Chapman that was in Schwabach in 1980?
20 Mar The Kid remembers (Chip (Kid) Geiger)
Hey Don how ya doin? I remember Matt from the 3rd platoon and Gibby as well.
20 Mar O'Brien Barracks '71 - 74 (Chip (Kid) Geiger)
I was with B/2/59 back then in Scwabach. Would like to hear from the old family. Those were some "fuzzy" times. The Kid
11 Feb I was there '75-76 (Harold Bartlett)
Its a little fuzzy, but hey, it was a long time ago! I did enjoy it. had some good friends, some good times.

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