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Bulletin Board for 2nd Battalion, 59th Air Defense Artillery

20 Jul 2nd bn 2/59 ADA (Ernest Bedford)
I was in c try from 75 to 77. 2nd platoon chapparal.ssg Williams was my squad leader. My email is geneb531@yahoo.com
10 Jul Lets have a party (Earl Gavitt)
my name is Earl Gavitt Looking for OLD Friends of A/C 2/59th ADA 1975-1978
05 Jun Me too (Tom Baker)
Ya, I was there. SPC Baker from B Battery.
06 Mar OOPS (Calvin Miller)
I was too quick to hit the key. I was in A Battery, not B, and BOTH were very fuzzy. HQ was a little more in focus. lol
06 Mar B/2/59 was fuzzy indeed! (Calvin Miller)
I was in in B Battery from October 1971 until May 1973. Loved serving under Capt. Bruegeman, not so much under Brantley. Remember the once in a lifetime, and wonderful guy, Lt. James B. Bond in his new MGB, and then living the last 5 months of my tour in WWII occupation Quonset Huts at Hepburg,... More
02 Mar To Kid Geiger (Robert Griggs)
I remember you, dude! I'm kind of surprised you're alive..surprised but glad! We hid a German girl under a bunk in our dorm room when Lt Roberts came in on a Saturday night! You're that guy, right?
24 Jan Hello (Charles Harris)
Duck's last name was--Delamontier--Something like that FRENCH name Mike Candies , I've spoken to him couple times. He still in New Orleans. I'm also in touch with Beebe from D Btry
24 Jan Hello (Charles Harris)
I was in A BTRY 2 BN 59th arty I rode that plan I believe Oct. '70 I left in spring off '72 C David Harris
28 Nov Here's my memory (Philip Kassner)
I was in D-2-59 and must have been on the same cargo plane with you going over in October 1970. Our base was MacGregor range NM. We only went to White Sands for testing our weapins.
28 Nov D-2-59 1970/71 (Philip Kassner)
Must have known you because I still remember "Duck" can't even remember his real name . Also remember "Candies" his first name was Carrie and I will never forget his New Orleans accent.

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