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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 84th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

11 Nov Wishing You Guys A Great Veteran's Day, (Calvin Bridges)
Veteran's Day is upon us! Enjoy Our Veteran's Celebration by being a part of the Veteran's Day Events! Trapper
06 Oct A Btry 3/84th FA (Marco Galeazzi)
Would like to start a home page for the A Btry 3/84th FA section. We have many for this page.
29 Sep Looking for members (William Rewis)
I was assigned to battalion maintenance ,I drove the wrecker Svc 79 from 1974 to 1977 give me an email at kayakers1971@windstream.net
26 Apr I was with d Battery 84th (Larry Chase)
Mr. castleman I wa with D battery and I have been trying to Locate Major Nobis I need every one's that I can get who was there when I was You see I was in neckarsulm also and you remember the spraying of the Wine vinewards well as it turns out I was there outside when they sprayed and the poison... More
15 Apr E-mail me about Maj Nobis (Larry Chase)
e-mail clarry3@roadrunner.com very Important I contact Maj Nobis !!
12 Apr I was in D Battery in 71-72 (Larry Chase)
I was in D battery I am Looking For anyone that was there in71 mainly for my Benefits at the V.A. name is Larry Chase on anyone or even the Battery Commander Maj. Nobis or even the medic at the Firing Pad in Neckersulm anyone it 's very Important in71I was seriously Hurt at wildflicken my Feet... More
12 Apr Missing D battery commander Maj, NOBIS (Larry Chase)
Does anyone Know where I can get in touch with a Maj, NOBID d, Battery commander and a McDade or anyone from that year 1971 I need them to verify for my Veterans Benefits
05 Feb missing buddy (Uli Adelhelm)
does anybody know a richard weaver ?been trying to find him since 85,so any info would help thanks
18 Jan Medic during that time (Dave Brucher)
Served as medic in B battery and later perm. party at Kliengartach, as medic and operated the NCO club. Maybe I gave you cold pills or put you on profile.
18 Jan Extra guard duty (Dave Brucher)
All that came out of it was extra guard duty for the troops. Here is a blast from the past....who remembers Squeeky, the barber??

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