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Bulletin Board for 3rd Battalion, 84th Field Artillery (1960s to Present)

14 Dec hey poole (randy valcin)
i was there in the motor pool from 81-83 randy valcin
15 Nov Murder 3/84 FA (Jerry Lema)
Who remembers who, what or when that murder took place in the attic of HHB. I yhink the time frame was April to june of 71??? I think it was over drugs?? I remember a cook being involved named Petrie?
15 Nov 3rd bn 84th FA (Jerry Lema)
I was with HHB 3/84 from Jan 71 till April 72. Anybody out there who remembers those days? MOS 31D20 ANTRC 80 radio operator.
13 Nov gibsonbrokerage@msn.com ( )
was there in svc battery in 71-73 is there anybody left out there from that time in nickersum
27 Oct Do You Remember? (Jeff Powers)
Stephen, I was at one time called Sgt Powers, of B Btry 2nd Plt.3/84th FA from 1975-1978 Badnerhof Germany. I remember you, because the 1st Sgt Martin would make a point Everytime he would see You, he would shout out HOLLYWOOD! and he would have you doing something. Anyway it is great to just to... More
16 Sep Where Were You When Elvis Died? (Calvin Bridges)
My Wife is watching that Farewell Elvis Show that he made soon before he died. It reminded me of where I was at, when I received the news from my Old Friend 'Rufas Cooper' at the TAC Site of C 1/2 ADA at Namyang Korea. Rufas came up to us and said, "Well Fellas? The King Is Gone"! ... More
16 Jul looking for old friends (Robert Milligan)
i was i D btry from 1968 to 1970 if you know me let me know Bob milligan
01 Jul hq 3/84th fa (anthony maxfield)
myers, this is tony maxfield. i was a courior in headquaters company with you and peacock. i was there fron 82 to 84. if you get this message e-mail me at tonymaxfield@ymail.com
05 Jun Major Bruce (Monte castleman)
This must have happened after I left in late Jan 72. I remember Wally Nesbitt well.
05 Jun artillry kaserne neckarsulm (Monte castleman)
I was stationed with D Battery 3rd and 84th from Jun 71 to Jan 72. There was a Shoals, Davies also I remember.

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